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After a wolf has had a full nutritious meal in their stomach the digestive enzymes and other chemicals start to break it down to aid digestion. A wolf's stomach acid is extremely strong and corrosive, when digesting food it would measure at pH 1 and pH 2. So beware, you should not touch the natural acids in a wolf's stomach, even if trying to attempt to rescue Little Red Riding Hood, as you could burn your fingers (or worse)! If you were attempting a rescue operation it is important to also check the conductivity of the stomach acid, to avoid any other hazards. Conductivity meters can measure the salt, nutrients and impurities in the water, or in this case in the wolf's stomach acid. So make sure it is safe to try and rescue Little Red Riding Hood by using of one of Wolflabs' pH and Conductivity meters!

pH and Conductivity Meters

We would like to thank Livia Katonova from King's College London for the fun fact. The November product category will be glass washers. Can you think of a fun fact that links glass washers with wolves that can be made funny (or even remotely funny)? If we use your fun fact, we will be happy to send you a £50 gift voucher from a shop of your choice as thanks. Entries need to be received before 18th November 2019.
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