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LSBC85 Freeze dryer MechaTech Systems LyoDry Compact for solvents that condense from above -85°C, 5l condenser capacity, basic process control, does not self sterilize, no negative shelf temperature uniformity 12 months Mechatech-Systems_Freeze-Dryers_LyoDry-Compact.pdf ? £9213.76 £8569.93

Environmental Performance

Location of Manufacturer UK
Max. Power Draw 2.300kW

Additional information

For solvents that condense above -50°C Yes
For solvents that condense between -50 & -70°C Yes
For solvents that condense between -70°C & -85°C Yes
For solvents that condense between -85°C & -100°C No
Condenser capacity 5 l
Control of process Basic
Negative shelf temperature uniformity No
Package system No
Self sterilizing No
Shelf area 0 m sq
External height 332 mm
External width 555 mm
External depth 685 mm
Manual Mechatech-Systems_Freeze-Dryers_LyoDry-Compact.pdf

Item shown is representative of range - Catalogue No. LSBC85


LSDC Acrylic drying chamber MechaTech Systems 350mm diameter x 435mm high, including clear acrylic lid and 2 x L-gaskets

? £1112.47 £1044.78

LSDCV Acrylic drying chamber MechaTech Systems with 8-port valve lid

? £2368.32 £2209.91

LSD6 Drying rack assembly MechaTech Systems 6-tray, for use inside LSDC acrylic chamber 350mm x 435mm, SS, unheated

? £1295.05 £1214.17

LSAD6H Heated tray drying accessory MechaTech Systems comprising: acrylic drying chamber 350mm diameter x 435mm, lid and 2 x L-gaskets, complete with 6 SS product tray rack assembly, heater mats and temperature controller

? £6508.06 £6050.62

LSPM24 Pipe/column manifold MechaTech Systems 24-port with rubber valves

? £2821.23 £2630.11

LSCT85 Trolley Mechatech purpose built for use with LSBC85 LyoDry Compact, -85°C or LSB85P LyoDry Benchtop Pro freeze dryer, -85°C; with castors and brakes, with bottom shelf to accommodate vacuum pump.

? £891.57 £839.84

RV5 Vacuum pump MechaTech Systems RV5 for use with LSBC50, complete with mainslead, EMF10 exhaust mist filter, gas ballast oil return kit

? £2845.39 £2815.99

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