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Thawers - Plasma

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LPTU0008  Plasmatherm
LPTU0008-12  Plasmatherm

  • Product update

    New Plasmatherm plasma thawer from Barkey has been added. This thawer is designed to thaw and warm a variety of bagged blood or infusion products.

    Features and benefits
    - Rapid Safe thawing
    - Thaws 1 to 8 bags at a time
    - Dry heating process
    - Intuitive controller
    - Sealed system to reduce airborne contaminants
    - Easy maintenance
    - Easy clean
    - Leak detector with alarm and auto stop
    - Gentle thawing and heating
    - High water temperature cut out and alarm
    - Versatile - no fixed bag size
    - Clear display

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Thawers - Plasma Barkey David Suddaby 28-Nov-2016