Prize Draw

Annual Prize Draw

Each quote request you make increases your chances of winning £1,000 of laboratory equipment!
In summary – you have nothing to lose.

  • £1,000 prize draw
  • Free ticket for each quotation request
  • You get a quick quotation for any piece of laboratory equipment.
  • The quotation will almost certainly feature a hefty discount.
  • If you win the draw, you may get the equipment bought for you and still have money left over for other items.
  • Please read the Terms and Conditions, section 13.
  • For past winners details click here.
  • New for 2019 - get 10 free tickets for telling us the next items you'll be budgeting for! Just complete the form below and list the items in the comments box.


Competition Registration Form

(Each quotation request counts as a new competition entry and increases your chance of winning the £1,000 prize.)

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