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A&Ds core technology of analog and digital conversion enables us to understand and utilize information within the environment. With this competency, we provide tools using precision measurement and controlling technology and assist customers to create added value and contribute to the development of industry and healthy living.

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Balances - Analytical

13 products >
BM-200  BM-200
BM-300  BM-300
BM-500  BM-500
GH-120-EC  GH-120-EC
GH-200-EC  GH-200-EC
GH-300-EC  GH-300-EC
HR-100A  HR-100A
HR-250A  HR-250A
HR-150A  HR-150A
HR-100AZ  HR-100AZ
HR-150AZ  HR-150AZ
HR-250AZ  HR-250AZ
HR-300i  HR-300i

Balances - Microbalances

2 products >
BM-20  BM-20
BM-252  BM-252

Balances - Portable

26 products >
EJ-120  EJ-120
EJ-1500  EJ-1500
EJ-200  EJ-200
EJ-2000  EJ-2000
EJ-300  EJ-300
EJ-3000  EJ-3000
EJ-410  EJ-410
EJ-4100  EJ-4100
EJ-610  EJ-610
EJ-6100  EJ-6100
EJ-123  EJ-123
EJ-303  EJ-303
EK-300EP  EK-300EP
EK-3000EP  EK-3000EP
EK-1200i  EK-1200i
EK-12Ki  EK-12Ki
EK-2000i  EK-2000i
EK-200i  EK-200i
EK-3000i  EK-3000i
EK-300i  EK-300i
EK-4100i  EK-4100i
EK-410i  EK-410i
EK-6000i  EK-6000i
EK-6100i-EC  EK-6100i-EC
EK-610i-EC  EK-610i-EC

Balances - Top Pan

64 products >
GX-1003A  GX-1003A
GX-2002A  GX-2002A
GF-10001A  GF-10001A
GF-10002A  GF-10002A
GF-1003A  GF-1003A
GF-1202A  GF-1202A
GF-123A  GF-123A
GF-1603A  GF-1603A
GF-2002A  GF-2002A
GF-203A  GF-203A
GF-3002A  GF-3002A
GF-303A  GF-303A
GF-4002A  GF-4002A
GF-403A  GF-403A
GF-6001A  GF-6001A
GF-6002A  GF-6002A
GF-603A  GF-603A
GX-10001A  GX-10001A
GX-10002A  GX-10002A
GX-1603A  GX-1603A
GX-203A  GX-203A
GX-3002A  GX-3002A
GX-303A  GX-303A
GX-4002A  GX-4002A
GX-403A  GX-403A
GX-6001A  GX-6001A
GX-6002A  GX-6002A
GX-603A  GX-603A
FX-1200i  FX-1200i
FX-120i  FX-120i
FX-2000i  FX-2000i
FX-200i  FX-200i
FX-3000i  FX-3000i
FX-300i  FX-300i
FX-5000i  FX-5000i
FX-500I  FX-500i
FX-1200i-WP  FX-1200i-WP
FX-120i-WP  FX-120i-WP
FX-2000i-WP  FX-2000i-WP
FX-200i-WP  FX-200i-WP
FX-3000i-WP  FX-3000i-WP
FX-300i-WP  FX-300i-WP
FZ-1200i-EC  FZ-1200i-EC
FZ-120i-EC  FZ-120i-EC
FZ-2000i-EC  FZ-2000i-EC
FZ-200i-EC  FZ-200i-EC
FZ-3000i-EC  FZ-3000i-EC
FZ-300i-EC  FZ-300i-EC
FZ-5000i  FZ-5000i
FZ-500i  FZ-500i
FZ-1200i-WP-EC  FZ-1200i-WP-EC
FZ-120i-WP-EC  FZ-120i-WP-EC
FZ-2000i-WP-EC  FZ-2000i-WP-EC
FZ-200i-WP-EC  FZ-200i-WP-EC
FZ-3000i-WP-EC  FZ-3000i-WP-EC
FZ-300i-WP-EC  FZ-300i-WP-EC
GX-2000-EC  GX-2000-EC
GX-200-EC  GX-200-EC
GX-4000-EC  GX-4000-EC
GX-400-EC  GX-400-EC
GX-6000-EC  GX-6000-EC
GX-600-EC  GX-600-EC
GX-6100-EC  GX-6100-EC
GX-8000-EC  GX-8000-EC

Moisture Analyser Balances

4 products >
MF-50  MF-50
ML-50  ML-50
MX-50  MX-50
MS-70  MS-70

Pipettes - Electronic

4 products >
MPA-200  MPA-200
MPA-10  MPA-10
MPA-1200  MPA-1200
MPA-20  MPA-20

Other laboratory products -

638 products >
AD-1653  Density Determination kit A & D
AD-1672  Breeze break A & D Instruments table top
AD-1682  Rechargeable battery unit A & D Instruments
AD-1683  Static eliminator A & D Instruments 9V power needs to be supplied from an AC adapter.
AD-1684  Field meter A & D Instruments electrostatic
AD-1689  Tweezers A & D Instruments for calibration weight
AD-4212A-100  Balance 110g x 0.1mg
AD-4212A-1000  Balance 1100g x 1mg
AD-4212A-200  Balance 210g x 1mg
AD-4212A-600  Balance 610g x 1mg
AD-4212A-OP-01  BCD Output
AD-4212A-OP-07  3m Extension Cable
AD-4212A-OP-08  Ethernet Connection
AD-4212B-101  Balance 110g x 0.1mg/31g x 0.01mg
AD-4212B-102  Balance 110g x 0.01mg
AD-4212B-201  Balance 210g x 0.1mg
AD-4212B-301  Balance 310g x 0.1mg
AD-4212C-300  Balance 320g x 1mg
AD-4212C-3000  Balance 3200g x 0.01g
AD-4212C-301  Balance 51g/320g x 0.1mg/1mg
AD-4212C-3100  Balance 510g/3200g x 1mg/10mg
AD-4212C-600  Balance 620g x 1mg
AD-4212C-6000  Balance 6200g x 0.01g
AD-4329-EC  AD-4329 EC - Static Weighing Indicator
AD-4329-OP-01JA  Parallel BCD output
AD-4329-OP-02  Comparator Relay Output
AD-4329-OP-03JA  RS422/485 interface
AD-4329-OP-04JA  RS-232C interface
AD-4329-OP-07JA  Analog output
AD-8526  Serial/Ethernet converter A & D Instruments
AD-8527  AD-8527 Quick USB Adaptor
AD-8920A  Remote display A & D Instruments
AD-8922A  Remote controller A & D Instruments
AD-8923-BCD  AD-8923-BCD Remote Controller with BCD Output
AD-8923-CC  AD-8923-CC Remote Controller with CC-Link Output
ADI-CL130  ADI-CL130 Comparator Traffic Light
AX-073003691-S  GFX plastic cover A & D Instruments 5pk, 1mg models
AX-073003692-S  GFX plastic cover A & D Instruments 5pk, 0.1g & 0.01g models
AX-073007197-S  Transparent Working Covers (5pcs)
AX-074016035-S  Covers A & D Instruments HR-i , protective, working (5pcs)
AX-3005824-5S  EKWi plastic covers (pack of 5)
AX-3007527-5S  Transparent Plastic Working Covers
AX-BM-031  Covers A & D Instruments display, working (5pcs)
AX-BM-032  Tube holder A & D Instruments centrifuge
AX-BM-Needleset  Electrode needles A & D Instruments ioniser, (4pcs)
AX-CARATPAN-BEX  Carat weighing pan A & D Instruments black
AX-CARATPAN-WEX  Carat weighing pan A & D Instruments silver
AX-FX-31i  Working cover A & D Instruments plastic, pack of 5
AX-GXK-31  Breeze Break (standard on GF/GX-8K/8K2 and 10K models)
AX-KO2737-500EX  Waterproof cable A & D Instruments RS232 5m (9pin - 9pin)
AX-NJC-207-PF  Loadcell Cable Connector
AX-PAN-0.05ML  Analytical pan A & D Instruments aluminium, 0.05ml, 8mm diameter, 100pcs
AX-PAN-0.3ML  Analytical pan A & D Instruments aluminium, 0.3ml, 12mm diameter, 100pcs
AX-PAN-0.8ML  Analytical pan A & D Instruments aluminium, 0.8ml, 15mm diameter, 100pcs
AX-PC09-BC09-WINCT  Data cable 2m
AX-PC09-BC25-WINCT  Data cable 2m
AX-PC09-HVW  Data cable 2m
AX-PC09-SCA-WINCT  Data cable 2m
AX-SW128  Foot switch A & D Instruments
BM-014  Pipette testing kit A & D instruments (all models)
BM-08  Ethernet interface A & D instruments with winCT-Plus software
BM-22  Balance 5.1g/22g x 0.001mg/0.01mg
EJ-02  Interface A & D Instruments quick USB
EJ-03  Interface A & D Instruments RS-232C
EJ-07  Underhook A & D Instruments for EJ-3000, EJ-4100, EJ-6100
EJ-08  Underhook A & D Instruments for EJ-1500, EJ-2000
EJ-11  Breeze Break A & D Instruments supplied as standard with 1mg models
EJ-12  Carry case A & D Instruments
EJ-13  Density Kit A & D Instruemtns for EJ-120, EJ-200, EJ-300, EJ-410, EJ-610
EK/Wi-OP-04  EKWi Comp/Relay Output
EK/Wi-OP-07  EKW Underhook for 6000g/12kg models only
EK/Wi-OP-09  EKWi Rechargeable battery pack (Ni-MH)
EW-12Ki-EC  Balance 3000/6000/12000g x 1/2/5g
EW-1500i-EC  Balance 300/600/1500g x 0.1/0.2/0.5g
EW-150i-EC  Balance 30/60/150g x 0.01/0.02/0.05g
FC-1000i  Balance 1000g x 0.1g (min piece weight 0.001g)
FC-10Ki  Balance 10kg x 1g (min piece weight 0.01g)
FC-2000i  Balance 2000g x 0.2g (min piece weight 0.002g)
FC-20Ki  Balance 20kg x 2g (min piece weight 0.02g)
FC-5000i  Balance 5000g x 0.5g (min piece weight 0.005g)
FC-5000Si  Balance 5000g x 0.2g (min piece weight 0.5mg)
FC-500i  Balance 500g x 0.05g (min piece weight 0.5mg)
FC-500Si  Balance 500g x 0.02g (min pcs weight 0.05mg)
FC-50Ki  Balance 50kg x 5g (min piece weight 0.05g)
FC-OP-01i  Bar Code Scanner
FC-OP-02i  Ni-MH Battery Pack (10 hours)
FC-OP-03i  Dual Channel RS232C
FC-OP-04i  RS232C and Comp/relay output
FC-OP-05i  Remote Scale Option
FG-150KAL  Balance 150kg x 10g,20g,50g
FG-150KAL-EC  Balance 150kg x 50g
FG-30KBM  Balance 30kg x 2g,5g,10g
FG-30KBM-EC  Balance 30kg x 10g
FG-60KAL  Balance 60 kg x 5g,10g,20g
FG-60KAL-EC  Balance 60 kg x 20g
FG-60KBM  Balance 60kg x 5g,10,20g
FG-60KBM-EC  Balance 60kg x 20g
FG-OP-23  RS232 Interface
FG-OP-24  RS232 Interface and Comparator relay output
FS-15Ki  Balance 15kg x 1g,2g,5g (user selectable)
FS-30Ki  Balance 30kg x 2g,5,10g (user selectable)
FS-6Ki  Balance 6kg x 0.5g,1g,2g (user selectable)
FS-D  FS-D - Stainless Steel Checkweighing Indicator
FS-OP-03i  RS232C with comparator output
FS-OP-04i  RS422/485 with comparator output
FXi-OP-02  USB direct data output A & D Instruments (no software needed)
FXi-OP-08  LAN ethernet output A & D Instruments
FXi-OP-09  NiMH re-chargeable internal battery A & D Instruments requires workshop installation
FXi-OP-10  Breeze break A & D Instruments small, fits all capacities - Not WP
FXi-OP-11  Breeze break A & D Instruments large, fits all capacities - Not WP
GH-202-EC  Balance 51g / 220g x 0.01mg / 0.1mg
GH-252-EC  Balance 101g / 250g x 0.01mg / 0.1mg
GH-OP-02  Interface A & D Instruments quick USB
GH-OP-08  Interface A & D Instruments ethernet
GP-100K-EC  Balance 101kg x 1g
GP-100KS  Balance 101kg x 1g (detached display) NON EC
GP-102K-EC  Balance 61kg x 1g / 101kg x 10g
GP-12K-EC  Balance 12kg x 0.1g
GP-20K-EC  Balance 21kg x 0.1g
GP-30K-EC  Balance 31kg x 0.1g
GP-30KS  Balance 31kg x 0.1g (detached display) NON EC
GP-32K-EC  Balance 6.1kg x 0.1g / 31kg x 1g
GP-32KS  Balance 6.1kg x 0.1g / 31kg x 1g (detached display) NON EC
GP-40K  41kg x 0.5g
GP-60K-EC  Balance 61kg x 1g
GP-60KS  Balance 61kg x 1g (detached display) NON EC
GP-61K  Balance 61kg x 0.1g NON EC
GP-61KS  Balance 61kg x 0.1g (detached display) NON EC
GP-OP-04  Comparator Output/RS232C/Current Loop
GP-OP-06  Analog Output
GP-OP-07  5m Extension Cable
GP-OP-20  Underhook for GP-12K/20K/22K/30K/30KS
GP-OP-21  Underhook for GP-60K/100K/100KS/102K
GP-OP-22  AD-8121 Printer Mounting Kit
GR-202-EC  Balance 42 / 210g x 0.01 / 0.1mg
GX/GF-OP-04K  Comparator output with buzzer
GX/GF-OP-06K  Analog current loop output
GX/GF-OP-07K  Waterproof RS232C serial cable
GX-10K-EC  Balance 10.1kg x 0.01g, not EC verified
GX-12K-EC  Balance 12kg x 0.1g, not EC verified
GX-20K-EC  Balance 21kg x 0.1g, not EC verified
GX-30K-EC  Balance 31kg x 0.1g, not EC verified
GX-8K-EC  Balance 8.1kg x 0.01g, not EC verified
GX-OP-02  Quick USB interface A & D Instruments
GX-OP-04  Comparator output A & D Instruments
GX-OP-06  Analog output A & D Instruments
GX-OP-10  GFX glass breeze break A & D Instruments, 1mg models
GX-OP-11  GFX glass breeze break A & D Instruments, 0.1g & 0.01g models
GX-OP-12  Animal weighing pan A & D Instruments (not GX-200)
GX-OP-13  Density kit A & D Instruments, 1mg models only
HC-15Ki  Balance 15kg x 2g (min piece weight 0.02g)
HC-30Ki  Balance 30kg x 5g (min. piece weight 0.05g)
HC-3Ki  Balance 3kg x 0.5g (min piece weight 0.005g)
HC-6Ki  Balance 6kg x 1g (min piece weight 0.01g)
HC-OP-02i  HCi OP-02 Lead Acid rechargeable battery
HC-OP-03i  HCi OP-03 RS232C serial data interface
HC-OP-04i  HCi OP-04 RS232C + Relay Output
HC-OP-08i  HCi OP-08 Extension Cable (2m)
HL-1000WP  Balance 1000g x 0.5g
HL-3000LWP-EC  Balance 3000g x 1g
HL-3000WP-EC  Balance 3000g x 1g
HL-300WP  Balance 300g x 0.1g
HR-202i  Balance 220/51g x 0.1mg/0.01mg
HT-OP-10  Stainless Steel Pan
LC-1205-K020  Load cell 20kgf
LC-1205-K050  Load cell 50kgf
LC-1205-K100  Load cell 100kgf
LC-1205-K200  Load cell 200kgf
LC-1205-K500  Load cell 500kgf
LC-1205-T001A  Load cell 1tf
LC-1205-T002  Load cell 2tf
LC-1205-T005  Load cell 5tf
LC1216-K100  Load cell 100kgf
LC1216-K200  Load cell 200kgf
LC1216-K500  Load cell 500kgf
LC1216-T001A  Load cell 1tf
LC1216-T002A  Load cell 2tf
LC1216-T005A  Load cell 5tf
LC4001-G120  Load cell 120gf
LC4101-G600  Load cell 600gf
LC4101-K003  Load cell 3kgf
LC4101-K006  Load cell 6kgf
LC-4101-K015  Load cell 15kgf
LC4101-K1.5  Load cell 1.5kgf
LC-4102-K010  Load cell 10kg (No Connector)
LC-4102-K015  Load cell 15kg (No Connector)
LC-4102-K030  Load cell 30kg (No Connector)
LC-4102-K060  Load cell 60kg
LC-4102-K150  Load cell 150kg
LC-4103-K060  Load cell 60kg
LC-4103-K100  Load cell 100kg
LC-4103-K150  Load cell 150kg
LC-4204-K300  Load cell 300kg
LC-4204-K600  Load cell 600kg
LC4221-K010  Load cell 10kgf
LC4221-K020  Load cell 20kgf
LC4221-K050  Load cell 50kgf
LC4221-K100  Load cell 100kgf
LC4221-K200  Load cell 200kgf
LC4221-K300  Load cell 300kgf
LC5206-K300  Load cell 300kgf
LC5206-K500  Load cell 500kgf
LC5206-T001  Load cell 1tf
LC5206-T002  Load cell 2tf
LC5207-T020  Load cell 20tf
LC5223-K500  Load cell 500kgf
LC5223-T001  Load cell 1tf
LC5223-T002  Load cell 2tf
LC5223-T003  Load cell 3tf
LC5223-T005  Load cell 5tf
LC5223-T1.5  Load cell 1.5tf
LCB03-K003-M  Load cell 3kgf
LCB03-K006-M  Load cell 6kgf
LCB03-K010-M  Load cell 10kgf
LCB03-K015-M  Load cell 15kgf
LCB03-K020-M  Load cell 20kgf
LCB03-K025-L  Load cell 25kgf
LCB03-K030-L  Load cell 30kgf
LCB03-K035-L  Load cell 35kgf
LCB04-K060M  Load cell 60kgf
LCB04-K100M  Load cell 100kgf
LCB04-K150L  Load cell 150kgf
LCB04-K250L  Load cell 250kgf
LCB05K030  Load cell 30kgf
LCB05K060  Load cell 60kgf
LCB05K150  Load cell 150kgf
LCC07K500  Load cell 500kgf
LCC07T001  Load cell 1tf
LCC07T002  Load cell 2tf
LCC07T003  Load cell 3tf
LCC07T005  Load cell 5tf
LCC11T010  Load cell 10tf with Mild Steel Mounting Kit
LCC11T010N  Load cell 10tf
LCC11T020  Load cell 20tf with Mild Steel Mounting Kit
LCC11T020N  Load cell 20tf
LCC11T030  Load cell 30tf with Mild Steel Mounting Kit
LCC11T030N  Load cell 30tf
LCC12T010  Load cell 10tf (100kN) Including Stainless Steel Mounting Assembly
LCC12T020  Load cell 20tf (200kN) Including Stainless Steel Mounting Assembly
LCC12T030  Load cell 30tf (300kN) Including Stainless Steel Mounting Assembly
LCM13K100  Load cell 102kgf (1kN)
LCM13K200  Load cell 203kgf (2kN)
LCM13K300  Load cell 306kgf (3kN)
LCM13K500  Load cell 500kgf (5kN)
LCM13T001  Load cell 1tf (10kN)
LCM13T002  Load cell 2tf (20kN)
LCM13T003  Load cell 3tf (30kN)
LCM13T005  Load cell 5tf (50kN)
LCS15K500  Load cell 500kgf (5kN)
LCS15T001  Load cell 1tf (10kN)
LCS15T002  Load cell 2tf (20kN)
MX/MF-OP-40  Cable A & D Instruments RS-232C, 2m, 25-9pins
SB-100K12  Balance 100kg
SB-150K14SW  Balance 150kg
SB-150K15SW  Balance 150kg
SB-15K10  Balance 15kg
SB-15K13SW  Balance 15kg
SB-15K14SW  Balance 15kg
SB-200K12  Balance 220kg
SB-30K14SW  Balance 30kg
SB-60K11  Balance 60kg
SB-60K14SW  Balance 60kg
SB-60K15SW  Balance 60kg
SB-6K13SW  Balance 6kg
SC-150KAL  Balance 150kg x 20g
SC-150KAM  Balance 150kg x 20g
SC-30KAM  Balance 30kg x 5g
SC-60KAL  Balance 60kg x 10g
SC-60KAM  Balance 60kg x 10g
SCE-02  Quick USB Interface
SCE-03  RS-232C and Comparator Relay Output
SE-150KAL  Balance 150kg x 20g
SE-150KAM  Balance 150kg x 20g
SE-30KAM  Balance 30kg x 5g
SE-60KAL  Balance 60kg x 10g
SE-60KAM  Balance 60kg x 10g
SJ-1000-EC  Balance 1000g x 1g
SJ-1000HS  Balance 1000g x 0.5g
SJ-12K-EC  Balance 10kg/12kg x 10g/20g
SJ-12KHS  Balance 12kg x 5g
SJ-2000-EC  Balance 2000g x 2g
SJ-2000HS  Balance 2000g x 1g
SJ-5000-EC  Balance 5000g x 5g
SJ-5000HS  Balance 5000g x 2g
SJ-5001HS  Balance 5000g x 1g
SK-1000WP-EC  Balance 1000g x 0.5g
SK-10KWP-EC  Balance 10kg x 5g
SK-2000WP-EC  Balance 2000g x 1g
SK-20KWP-EC  Balance 20kg x 10g
SK-30KWP  Balance 30kg x 20g NON EC
SK-5000WP-EC  Balance 5000g x 2g
SK-5001WP  Balance 5000g x 1g NON EC
SW-150KL  Balance 150kg x 10,20,50g (user selectable)
SW-150KL-EC  Balance 150kg x 50g
SW-150KM  Balance 150kg x 10,20,50g (user selectable)
SW-150KM-EC  Balance 150kg x 50g
SW-15KM  Balance 15Kg x 1,2,5g (user selectable)
SW-15KM-EC  Balance 15Kg x 5g
SW-15KS  Balance 15kg x 1,2,5g (user selectable)
SW-15KS-EC  Balance 15kg x 5g
SW-30KM  Balance 30kg x 2,5,10g (user selectable)
SW-30KM-EC  Balance 30kg x 10g
SW-60KL  Balance 60kg x 5,10,20g (user selectable)
SW-60KL-EC  Balance 60kg x 20g
SW-60KM  Balance 60kg x 5,10,20g (user selectable)
SW-60KM-EC  Balance 60kg x 20g
SW-6KS  Balance 6kg x 0.5,1,2g (user selectable)
SW-6KS-EC  Balance 6kg x 2g
SW-D  SW-D - Checkweighing Indicator
TB-108PU  UK adaptor
TB-108U  UK adaptor
TB-120BF  UK adaptor
TB-139U  UK adaptor
TB-229  UK adaptor
TB-249U  UK adaptor
WTE2-100G  Calibration weight E2 100g
WTE2-100MG  Calibration weight E2 100mg
WTE2-10G  Calibration weight E2 10g
WTE2-10KG  Calibration weight E2 10Kg
WTE2-10MG  Calibration weight E2 10mg
WTE2-1G  Calibration weight E2 1g
WTE2-1G/100G  Calibration weight set E2 Weight Set 1g - 100g (1,2,2,5)
WTE2-1G/1KG  Calibration weight set E2 Weight Set 1g - 1Kg (1,2,2,5)
WTE2-1KG  Calibration weight E2 1Kg
WTE2-1MG  Calibration weight E2 1mg
WTE2-1MG/500MG  Calibration weight set E2 Weight Set 1mg - 500mg (1,2,2,5)
WTE2-200G  Calibration weight E2 200g
WTE2-200MG  Calibration weight E2 200mg
WTE2-20G  Calibration weight E2 20g
WTE2-20KG  Calibration weight E2 20Kg
WTE2-20MG  Calibration weight E2 20mg
WTE2-2G  Calibration weight E2 2g
WTE2-2KG  Calibration weight E2 2Kg
WTE2-2MG  Calibration weight E2 2mg
WTE2-500g  Calibration weight E2 500g
WTE2-500MG  Calibration weight E2 500mg
WTE2-50G  Calibration weight E2 50g
WTE2-50MG  Calibration weight E2 50mg
WTE2-5G  Calibration weight E2 5g
WTE2-5KG  Calibration weight E2 5Kg
WTE2-5MG  Calibration weight E2 5mg
WTF1-100G  Calibration weight F1 100g
WTF1-100MG  Calibration weight F1 100mg
WTF1-10G  Calibration weight F1 10g
WTF1-10KG  Calibration weight F1 10Kg
WTF1-10MG  Calibration weight F1 10mg
WTF1-1G  Calibration weight F1 1g
WTF1-1G-10KG  Calibration weight set F1 Weight Set 1g - 10kg (1,2,2,5)
WTF1-1G-1KG  Calibration weight set F1 Weight Set 1g - 1kg (1,2,2,5)
WTF1-1G-2KG  Calibration weight set F1 Weight Set 1g -2kg (1,2,2,5)
WTF1-1G-5KG  Calibration weight set F1 Weight Set 1g - 5kg (1,2,2,5)
WTF1-1KG  Calibration weight F1 1Kg
WTF1-1MG  Calibration weight F1 1mg
WTF1-1MG-100G  Calibration weight set F1 Weight Set 1mg - 100g (1,2,2,5)
WTF1-1MG-500MG  Calibration weight set F1 Weight Set 1mg - 500mg (1,2,2,5)
WTF1-200G  Calibration weight F1 200g
WTF1-200MG  Calibration weight F1 200mg
WTF1-20G  Calibration weight F1 20g
WTF1-20KG  Calibration weight F1 20Kg
WTF1-20MG  Calibration weight F1 20mg
WTF1-2G  Calibration weight F1 2g
WTF1-2KG  Calibration weight F1 2Kg
WTF1-2MG  Calibration weight F1 2mg
WTF1-500G  Calibration weight F1 500g
WTF1-500MG  Calibration weight F1 500mg
WTF1-50G  Calibration weight F1 50g
WTF1-50MG  Calibration weight F1 50mg
WTF1-5G  Calibration weight F1 5g
WTF1-5KG  Calibration weight F1 5Kg
WTF1-5MG  Calibration weight F1 5mg
WTF2-100G  Calibration weight F2 100g
WTF2-100MG  Calibration weight F2 100mg
WTF2-10G  Calibration weight F2 10g
WTF2-10KG  Calibration weight F2 10Kg
WTF2-10MG  Calibration weight F2 10mg
WTF2-1G  Calibration weight F2 1g
WTF2-1G/10KG  Calibration weight set F2 Weight Set 1g - 10kg (1,2,2,5)
WTF2-1G/1KG  Calibration weight set F2 Weight Set 1g - 1kg (1,2,2,5)
WTF2-1G/2KG  Calibration weight set F2 Weight Set 1g - 2kg (1,2,2,5)
WTF2-1G/5KG  Calibration weight set F2 Weight Set 1g - 5kg (1,2,2,5)
WTF2-1KG  Calibration weight F2 1Kg
WTF2-1MG  Calibration weight F2 1mg
WTF2-1MG/500G  Calibration weight set F2 Weight Set 1mg - 500mg (1,2,2,5)
WTF2-200G  Calibration weight F2 200g
WTF2-200MG  Calibration weight F2 200mg
WTF2-20G  Calibration weight F2 20g
WTF2-20KG  Calibration weight F2 20Kg
WTF2-20MG  Calibration weight F2 20mg
WTF2-2G  Calibration weight F2 2g
WTF2-2KG  Calibration weight F2 2Kg
WTF2-2MG  Calibration weight F2 2mg
WTF2-500g  Calibration weight F2 500g
WTF2-500MG  Calibration weight F2 500mg
WTF2-50G  Calibration weight F2 50g
WTF2-50MG  Calibration weight F2 50mg
WTF2-5G  Calibration weight F2 5g
WTF2-5KG  Calibration weight F2 5Kg
WTF2-5MG  Calibration weight F2 5mg
AD-1690  Pipette Leak Tester
AD-1690-01  Replacement Tube Set (Adaptor 1pc, Attachment 3pcs)
AD-1690-015  Carry Case for AD-1690
AD-1690-02  Replacement Tube Set (Filter Unit 1pc, Filter Element 10pcs)
AD-4212A-OP-04  Comparator Output (AD-4212A only)
AD-4212A-OP-19  Stainless steel breeze break (comes as standard but also available as an option)
AD-4212A-OP-20  Metal levelling foot
AD-4212A-PT  Pipette Accuracy Tester
AD-4212B-23  AD-4212 Production Weighing System2 1g x 0.001mg
AD-4212B-PT  Pipette Accuracy Tester
AD-4410  AD-4410 - High Speed Anti-Vibration Weighing Indicator
AD-4410-03  RS-485 Interface
AD-4410-04  RS-232 Interface
AD-4410-11  Stand
AX-MC1000PAN  Auto-centering Pan for MC-1000
AX-MC10K/30KPAN  Auto-centering Pan for MC-10K/30K
AX-MC6100PAN  Auto-centering Pan for MC-6100
AX-SV-33  35ml sample cup (10 pcs)
AX-SV-34  10ml sample cup (10 pcs)
AX-SV-35  13ml glass sample cup
AX-SV-36  Vertical Position lock
AX-SV-37  Water Jacket Unit
AX-SV-38  Storage Container, 60ml, Glass (10pcs)
AX-SV-39  Storage Container, 120ml, Plastic (20pcs)
AX-SV-42  Analog output(0-1V)
AX-SV-43  5m Display Extension cable
AX-SV-56-1  Tube Holder for 2ml Cups CLEAR (5pcs)
AX-SV-56-2  Tube Holder for 2ml Cups BLACK (5pcs)
AX-SV-57  Rack Stand for 2ml Tubes (2pcs)
AX-SV-58  Sample Tube 2ml with Lid (100pcs)
AX-SV-59  Rack Stand and 5 Glass Sample Cups 2ml
FX-300-PT  Pipette Accuracy Tester
FXi-WP-10  Breeze break A & D Instruments small, for WP models (fits all capacities)
FXi-WP-11  Breeze break A & D Instruments large for WP models (fits all capacities)
GXK-012  GXK-012 Animal Weighing Pan
MC-1000  MC Series Mass Comparators 1100g x 0.1mg
MC-10K  MC Series Mass Comparators 10.1kg x 1mg
MC-30K  MC Series Mass Comparators 31kg x 10mg
MC-6100  MC Series Mass Comparators 6100g x 1mg
MX/MF-OP-30  Single Use Disposable Sample Pans (100 pcs)
MX/MF-OP-31  Pan A & D Instruments sample, ø85mm x 100pcs
MX/MF-OP-32-1  Sheet A & D Instruments glass fiber, ø70mm x 100 sheets
MX/MF-OP-32-2  Sheet A & D Instruments glass fiber, ø78mm x 100 sheets
MX/MF-OP-33  Test Sample A & D Instruments sodium tirtrate dihydrate, 30g x 12pcs
MX/MF-OP-34-240V  Lamp A & D Instruments halogen, for AC200V to 240V
MX/MF-OP-35  Handle A & D Instruments pan, 2pcs
MX/MF-OP-36  Tweezers A & D Instruments 2pcs
MX/MF-OP-37  Spoon A & D Instruments 2pcs
MX/MF-OP-38  Display Cover A & D Instruments 5pcs
MX/MF-OP-39  Dust Cover A & D Instruments
MX/MF-OP-42  Software A & D Instruments WinCT-Moisture CD-ROM, application software for Windows
MX/MF-OP-43  Calibrator A & D Instruments certified temperature, only for MS/MX
SJ-20K  SJ-HS Series Dry Cell Batteries - 1600 Hours - Optional AC Adaptor 20kg x 10g
SJ-30K  SJ-HS Series Dry Cell Batteries - 1600 Hours - Optional AC Adaptor 30kg x 20g
SV-10  SV-10 0.3 - 10,000 mPa.s
SV-100  SV-100 1000 -100,000 mPa.s
SV-1A  SV-1A 0.3 - 1000 mPa.s
SJ-3000WP  Bench scale AandD Instruments 3kg x 1/0.5/0.2/0.1g
SJ-6000WP  Bench scale AandD Instruments 6kg x 2/1/0.5/0.2g
SJ-15KWP  Bench scale AandD Instruments 15kg x 5/2/1/0.5g
SJ-30KWP  Bench scale AandD Instruments 30kg x 10/5/2/1g
07:3004753  Transparent Working Covers (1pc)
EM-OP-16  Loadcell Extenson Cable (3m)
EM-OP-17  Loadcell Extenson Cable (5m)
EM-OP-15  Dust Cover
EM-OP-14  Desktop / Wall-mount Bracket
AX-TBDS606BF9V  9V 800mA
TB-124U  UK adaptor A & D Instruments 12V, 300mA, for FC-i, FC-Si and GH models
MPS-101  9V 800mA
AX-ST-SUS  Desk stand A and D Instruments stainless steel, holds 3 pipettes
AX-CART-10/20  Tip cartridge A and D Instruments for the MPA-10/20, 10 tip sets, 96 tips/set
AX-CART-1200  Tip cartridge A and D Instruments for the MPA-1200, 10 tip sets, 96 tips/set
AX-CART-200  Tip cartridge A and D Instruments for the MPA-200, 10 tip sets, 96 tips/set
SW-OP-11  Desktop/Wall-Mount Stand
AX-ST-ACR  Desk stand A and D Instruments acrylic, holds 2 pipettes
MX/MF-OP-34-120V  Halogen Lamp 120V
AX-ST-CH-A1  Charging desk stand A and D Instruments for MPA series, holds a single MPA pipette
AX-1032M-UNI  Adaptor for AD-1032M
AX-PPMCP  58mm Thermal Printer paper (box of 20 rolls)
SW-OP-04  RS-422/485
SJ-20K-EC  SJ-20K-EC
SJ-30K-EC  SJ-30K-EC
SW-OP-10  Long Pole
SW-OP-09  Short Pole (SW-6KS / SW-15KS)
SW-OP-03  RS-232C and Comparator Relay Output
AD-8922A-OP-04  Comparator Output
AD-8922A-OP-05  Current Loop Output
AD-1688  Weighing data logger A & D Instruments
EM-150KAL  EM-150KAL
SJ-3000WP-EC  SJ-3000WP-EC
SJ-6000WP-EC  SJ-6000WP-EC
AX-ST-CH-M4  Charging desk stand A and D Instruments for MPA series, holds 4 x MPA pipettes
EW-150i  EW-150i
GXK-015  Carry Case
MCP1000-118  MCP- Basic Thermal Printer
AD-1687  Weighing environment logger A & D Instruments
AD-8922A-OP-01  BCD Output
MCP1000-118-S  MCP- Statistical Thermal Printer
GP-OP-12  Animal Weighing Pan
AD-8922A-OP-06  Analogue Output
AD-1654  Density Measurement Kit A & D Instruments
HR-251A  Balance A&D Instruments HR-251A dual capacity/readability 62g capacity x 0.0001g and 252g capacity x 0.001g readability, external calibration
AD-1671  Anti-vibration table A & D Instruments tabletop
ADI-MWT  Anti-vibration table A & D Instruments freestanding
HR-251AZ  Balance A&D Instruments HR-251AZ dual capacity/readability 62g capacity x 0.0001g and 252g capacity x 0.001g readability, internal calibration
AD-1691  Weighing environment analyzer A & D Instruments
MC-100KS  MC-100KS
RV-10000  RV-10000 0.3 - 25,0000 mPas
AX-BOX-200B  Tip Box for the MPA10/20/200 (no latch, no tips included)
AX-BOX-1200B  Tip Box for the MPA-1200 (no latch, no tips included)
AX-BAT-MPA  Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack
AX-BOXT-10ML-A  Tip cartridge for MPA-10000 (36pcs in a box)
AX-BOXT-10ML-AS  Tip cartridge for MPA-10000 (36pcs Sterilized Tips in a box)
AX-HOLDER-SET  Sample Cup Holder Set
AX-BULK-10ML-A  Tip cartridge for MPA-10000 (250pcs in a bag)
AX-HA-CHG  Charging Hanger
AX-PAD-MPA  Pipette Elbow Cushion
AX-054016580-S  Discharge Pins (Pack of 10)
AX-BOX-200A  Tip box for the MPA-10/20/200 (no tips included)
AX-BOX-1200A  Tip box for the MPA-1200 (no tips included)
AX-LOW-10  Lower Part Assembly for the MPA-10
AX-LOW-20  Lower Part Assembly for the MPA-20
AX-LOW-200  Lower Part Assembly for the MPA-200
AX-LOW-1200  Lower Part Assembly for the MPA-1200
MPA-10000  0.1mL to 10mL
EK-15KL  44 x 41 x 23
EK-30KL  44 x 41 x 23
AD-1641  Air flow logger A & D Instruments
RV-10000A  RV-10000A 0.3 - 25,0000 mPas
ADI002-CARR01  Carriage cost A&D
AX-HA-STD  Pipette Hanger
SA-03  RS232 Interface
AX-HOLDER-L  Sample Cup Holder - Large - 2pcs - 40mm x 40mm x 32mm
AX-HOLDER-M  Sample Cup Holder - Medium - 2pcs - 40mm x 40mm x 32mm
AX-HOLDER-S  Sample Cup Holder - Small - 2pcs - 40mm x 40mm x 32mm
HT-3000CL  3100g x 1g
HT-300CL  310g x 0.1g
HT-5000CL  5100g x 1g
HT-500CL  Balance A & D Instruments 510g x 0.1g
AD-4401A-OP-04  RS232C + Current loop serial
AD-4401A-OP-03  RS422/RS485 interface
AD-4401A-OP-10  Stainless Steel Side Panels
AD-4401A-OP-01  BCD Output
AD-4401A-OP-07  Analogue output
EJ-1202  1200g x 0.01g
SA-150K  3kg/150kg x 0.001kg/0.1kg,0.01kg
SA-30K  3kg/30kg x 0.001kg/0.1kg,0.01kg
SA-60K  3kg/60kg x 0.001kg/0.1kg,0.01kg
EJ-3002  Balance A & D Instruments Portable capacity 3100g x readability 0.01g
AD-4401A-OP-06  Setpoint unit
AD-4430C  AD-4430C - DIN Rail Ultra Compact Digital Indicator
AD-4401A-EC  AD-4401A-EC - High Speed Batching Indicator
AD-1672A  Tabletop breeze break with inclined front panel
AD-4212D-301  320g x 0.1mg
AD-4212D-302  320g x 0.01mg
AD-4212D-32  5.1g/32g x 0.001mg/0.01mg
AD-4212D-33  32g x 0.001mg
AD-8127  Compact printer A & D Instruments
AX-PP137-S  Plain Printer Paper (10 rolls)
AX-PP173-S  Dust-Free Printer Paper (10 rolls)
AX-ERC22B  Ink Ribbon (5 pcs)
AX-KO1786-200  Printer Cable DIN - D-sub9 pin - RS232
AD-1671A  Tabletop Anti-Vibration Table
AX-BM-033  Storage Cover
AX-BM-034  Micro Tube Holder (for BM-200/300/500/252)
AX-KO3590-1000  AX-KO3590-1000 RS232C cable (10m, for A&D External Display)
AX-KO4472-1000  AX-KO4472-1000 RS232C cable (10m, for PC, PLC)
AX-KO5291-100  Printer Cable DIN - D-sub9 pin - Current Loop
AX-LOW-10000  Lower Part Assembly for the MPA-10000
AX-PP147-S  Paper for the Built-in Printer - KCP Models (5 rolls)
AX-SV-54  Cup Set (5x 45ml, 5x 10ml, 2x 13ml, 1x Water Jacket)
AX-SW137-PRINT  Foot Switch - Pre-wired for Print Function
AX-SW137-REZERO  Foot Switch - Pre-wired for Re-Zero Function
FXi-08  Ethernet Interface
FXi-OP-12  Animal Weighing Pan (0.01g Models only)
GXA-03  2nd RS-232C Interface
GXA-04  Comparator Relay Output, Buzzer, External Key Input Interface
GXA-06  Analog Output Interface
GXA-09  Built-in Rechargeable Battery (Factory-Installed/Dealer Fit Option)
GXA-10  Large Glass Breeze Break
GXA-12  Animal Weighing Pan (For Models of 320g Capacity or Higher)
GXA-13  Density Determination Kit (For 1mg Models Only)
GXA-23-PLUG  External Key Input Interface with the AX-T-314A-S Plug
GXA-23-PRINT  External Key Input Interface with the AX-SW137-PRINT Foot Switch
GXA-23-REZERO  External Key Input Interface with the AX-SW137-REZERO Foot Switch
GXA-24  USB Host Interface (Factory-Installed/Dealer Option)
GXA-25  External Fanless Ionizer (Static Eliminator)
GXA-26  External IR Switch
HL-2000i  2000g x 1g
HL-200i  200g x 0.1g
HT-120  120g x 0.01g
HT-300  310g x 0.1g
HT-3000  3100g x 1g
HT-500  510g x 0.1g
HT-5000  5100g x 1g
HV-15KC  3,6,15kg x 1,2,5g
HV-15KCP  3,6,15kg x 1,2,5g
HV-200KC  60,150,220g x 20,50,100g
HV-200KCP  60,150,220g x 20,50,100g
HV-60KC  15,30,60kg x 5,10,20g
HV-60KCP  15,30,60kg x 5,10,20g
HVW-02CB  USB Interface (Bi-directional, Type B)
HVW-03C  RS232C Interface (D-sub 9P)
HVW-04C  Comparator Relay Output, Buzzer, Contact Input Interface
HVW-08C  Display Extension Cable (5m)
HVW-11C  Wall Mount Bracket
HVW-12C  Printer Mounting Bracket (for AD-8127 Printer)
HVW-13  Large Sized Roller Conveyor (100kg and 200kg Models)
HVW-14  Medium Sized Roller Conveyor (60kg Models)
HW-100KC  100kg x 10g
HW-100KCP  100kg x 10g
HW-10KC  10kg x 1g
HW-10KCP  10kg x 1g
HW-200KC  220g x 20g
HW-200KCP  220g x 20g
HW-60KC  60kg x 5g
HW-60KCP  60kg x 5g
LCCU-21KN001  1KN (102.0kg)
LCCU-21N100  100N (10.2kg)
LCCU-21N200  200N (20.39kg)
LCCU-21N500  500N 50.99kg)
AX-TB249U  Adapter A&D Instruments needed for the GX-200-EC
GX-8K2  Balance A&D 8.1kg x 0.1g / 2.1kg x 0.01g
GX-32K  Balance A&D 31kg x 1g / 6.1kg x 0.1g
AX-GXA-31  Cover A & D Instruments for main unit, 5 pcs

  • Product update

    A & D Instruments HR-100A analytical balance from Wolflabs.

    Features and benefits
    - Robust construction. 
    - Shock absorber function.
    - Auto power ON/OFF button.
    - Reverse backlit LCD display for easy to read weighing results.
    - Easily removable large breeze break.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Balances - Analytical A & D Instruments David Suddaby 26-Mar-2020

  • Product update

    A & D Instruments BM-252 microbalance from Wolflabs.

    Features and benefits.
    - Instant and smooth static elimination using a built-in fanless ionizer to ensure stable weighing.
    - Large working space for better operability and a wider range of applications.
    - Interlockable sliding doors allowing efficient operation with both hands.
    - Anti-static glass breeze break with a thin evaporated metal coating.
    - Automatic self calibration to maintain accuracy under temperature changes.
    - Embedded temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors.
    - Clock and calendar function.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Balances - Microbalances A & D Instruments David Suddaby 22-Nov-2019

  • Product update

    New GF-A and GX-A top pan balances from A & D Instruments have been added.

    Features and benefits
    - Smart SHS technology.
    - Automatic self-calibration.
    - Large reverse backlit LCD display.
    - Die cast aluminum housing.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Balances - Top Pan A & D Instruments David Suddaby 23-Sep-2019

  • Product update

    A & D Instruments BM-20 microbalance from Wolflabs. Innovative and accurate, the A&D BM-20 microbalances are designed for precision weighing, with internal ioniser for neutralising electrostatically charged objects.

    Features and benefits
    - Automatic self calibration.
    - One touch automatic calibration.
    - Automatic response adjustment.
    - Interlockable sliding doors.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Balances - Microbalances A & D Instruments David Suddaby 25-Jul-2019

  • Product update

    A & D Instruments FZ-500i top pan balance from Wolflabs. The FZ-500i balance guarantees great performance and quality bringing to you a cost-effective solution for a diverse array of applications.

    Features and benefits
    - The unit is compact making it ideal for installation and use in narrow spaces.
    - Fast, one second stabilization time.
    - Shock absorber function.


    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Balances - Top Pan A & D Instruments David Suddaby 05-Jun-2019