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Arcis Biotechnology is focused on providing fast and convenient nucleic acid sample prep solutions. Obtaining genetic material from biological samples is a critical step which is often a time consuming and inefficient process.

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Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits

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UFL002B  DNA Prep Kit

  • Product update

    New DNA Prep nucleic acid extraction kit from Arcis Biotechnology has been added. Fast and convenient DNA sample preparation for analysis and identification. The complete, ready-to-use system enables you to go from sample to amplifiable DNA in under 3 minutes. 

    Features and benefits
    - Simple 2-step process
    - 50 rxn per kit
    - No instrumentation required
    - DNA stable for 30 days
    - Shipped and stored at ambient temperatures

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    Nucleic Acid Extraction Kits Arcis Biotechnology David Suddaby 25-Jun-2017