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Freezers - -25°C to -45°C

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FFGL1230W  FFGL1230W
FFGL3030W  FFGL3030W

Freezers - Ultra-Low Temperature

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FDE60086LV  FDE Series Class II
FDE40086LV  FDE Series Class II
FDE50086LV  FDE Series Class II
FDE30086FV  FDE Series
FDE40086FV  FDE Series
FDE60086FV  FDE Series
FDE30086LV  FDE Series Class II
FDE50086FV  FDE Series
902  900 Series
906  900 Series
905  900 Series
813CV  8600 Series
907  900 Series
803CV  8600 Series
994  900 Series
995  900 Series
820CV  8600 Series
991  900 Series
817CV  8600 Series
8930086V  89000 Series
8940086V  89000 Series
8960086V  89000 Series
8950086V  89000 Series


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FRCR3004W  FRCR3004W
FRGL1204V  FRGL1204V
FRGL3004V  FRGL3004V
FRGL7504V  FRGL7504V

Fridges - Chromatography Cabinets

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FRCR7504W  FRCR7504W

Other laboratory products -

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FLN456LEV  Thermo Scientific Field Installed LN2 backup system for use on STP ULT capacities 400 500 600. 230V/50Hz voltages only (FRE1048)
FCO456LEV  Thermo Scientific Field Installed CO2 backup system for use on STP ULT capacities 400 500 600. 230V/50Hz voltages only (FRE1052)

  • Product update

    New FRCR7504W chromatography cabinet from Forma has been added.

    Features and benefits
    - Forced air circulation for uniform temperature at all shelf levels.
    - Heat-free defrost for maximum uniformity.
    - Interior plug outlet.
    - Bright, LED interior lighting.
    - Keyed on/off switch with setpoint security.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Fridges - Chromatography Cabinets Forma David Suddaby 31-Oct-2019

  • Product update

    Forma FDE Series Class II ultra-low temperature freezer from Wolflabs.

    Features and benefits
    - Low peak variation.
    - Fast door opening recovery.
    - Long warm-up time.
    - Four capacities.
    - 5-year standard warranty.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Freezers - Ultra-Low Temperature Forma David Suddaby 30-Oct-2019

  • Product update

    Forma Steri-Cult CO2 and multigas incubator from Wolflabs. Forma Steri-Cult brings leading edge technology into your lab, combining the most advanced components available into a single incubator.

    Features and benefits
    - Maximum contamination control.
    - Active humidification system.
    - Largest stackable culturing capacity available.
    - Designed for easy cleaning.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Incubators - CO2 And Multigas Forma David Suddaby 29-Oct-2019