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Filtration Consumables - Syringe Filters

4 products >
FNY402030  FNY402030
FPE204025  FPE204025
FPE204030  FPE204030
FPE404025  FPE404025

Filtration Consumables - Upper Cups

6 products >
FPE214000  FPE214000
FPE214150  FPE214150
FPE214250  FPE214250
FPE214500  FPE214500
FPE414250  FPE414250
FPE414500  FPE414500

Pipettes - Aspirating

1 product >
GSP000001  GSP000001

Pipettes - Serological

8 products >
GSP010005  GSP010005
GSP010025  GSP010025
GSP010050  GSP010050
GSP010100  GSP010100
GSP010102  GSP010102
GSP010210  GSP010210
GSP010225  GSP010225
GSP211010  GSP211010

Pipettes - Transfer

1 product >
PP101030  PP101030

Plastic Consumables - Cell Lifters

1 product >
CSC012023  CSC012023

Plastic Consumables - Cell Scrapers

3 products >
CSC011025  CSC011025
CSC211023  CSC211023
CSC211030  CSC211030

Plastic Consumables - Centrifuge Tubes

13 products >
CFT001005  CFT001005
CFT001015  CFT001015
CFT001020  CFT001020
CFT003015  CFT003015
CFT011150  CFT011150
CFT011500  CFT011500
CFT012225  CFT012225
CFT021500  CFT021500
CFT111500  CFT111500
CFT212150  CFT212150
CFT212500  CFT212500
CFT222500  CFT222500
CFT021150  CFT021150

Plastic Consumables - Confocal Dishes and Plates

2 products >
BDD011035  BDD011035
BDD012035  BDD012035

Plastic Consumables - Multi-Layer Cell Culture System

4 products >
UCF011001  UCF011001
UCF011002  UCF011002
UCF011005  UCF011005
UCF011010  UCF011010

Plastic Consumables - Plate Inserts

4 products >
TCS001006  TCS001006
TCS011024  TCS011024
TCS013012  TCS013012
TCS013024  TCS013024

Plastic Consumables - Plates

6 products >
FEP200096  FEP200096
TCP011006  TCP011006
TCP011012  TCP011012
TCP011024  TCP011024
TCP011096  TCP011096
TCP012096  TCP012096

Plastic Consumables - Roller Bottles

4 products >
TCB011002  TCB011002
TCB012001  TCB012001
TCB012002  TCB012002
TCB032002  TCB032002

Plastic Consumables - Tissue Culture Dishes

7 products >
TCD010035  TCD010035
TCD010060  TCD010060
TCD010070  TCD010070
TCD010090  TCD010090
TCD010100  TCD010100
TCD010150  TCD010150
TCD001150  TCD001150

Plastic Consumables - Tissue Culture Flasks

10 products >
TCF011025  TCF011025
TCF011050  TCF011050
TCF011250  TCF011250
TCF011600  TCF011600
TCF011850  TCF011850
TCF012025  TCF012025
TCF012050  TCF012050
TCF012250  TCF012250
TCF012600  TCF012600
TCF012850  TCF012850

Plastic Consumables - Vacuum Bottles

10 products >
FPE204000  FPE204000
FPE204150  FPE204150
FPE204250  FPE204250
FPE204500  FPE204500
FPE404000  FPE404000
FPE404150  FPE404150
FPE404250  FPE404250
FPE404500  FPE404500
FPV203000  FPV203000
FPV203250  FPV203250

Other laboratory products -

18 products >
ZZZDUT-CARR01  Carriage costs - Dutscher
141234  Sterile filtration unit 250 mL membrane PES porosity 0.22 µm, pack of 12 (equivalent to Jet Biofil part FPE204250)
141310  Bottle-top 500 mL porosity 0.2 µm, pack of 24 (equivalent to Jet Biofil part FPE214500)
141307  Sterile filtration unit 1000 mL PVDF membrane porosity 0.22 µm, pack of 12 (equivalent to Jet Biofil part FPV203000)
141304  Sterile filtration unit 1000 mL PES membrane porosity 0.22 µm (equivalent to Jet Biofil part FPE204000)
FCF000004  Tube Top Vacuum Filter System, 0.22um, PES Membrane, Sterile, pack of 24 (Dutscher equivalent part 862125)
CSS010040  40um Cell Strainer for 50ml tube, pack of 50
862109  Tissue culture dishes Dutscher 135.5mm diameter, includes lid with 4 vents, sterile, pack size of 120 (equivalent to Jet Biofil part TCD010150)
141242  Vacuum bottles Dutscher capacity 500ml, filter pour size 0.22um, PES membrane material, pack of 12 (equivalent to Jet Biofil part FPE204500)
862094  Serological pipette Dutscher 100ml volume, pink, sterile, pack of 50 (equivalent to Jet Biofil part GSP010100)
CSS013070  Cell strainer Jet Biofil 70um, for 50ml tube, pack of 50
TCB011001  Roller bottle Jet Biofil 1L, sealed cap, treated, pack of 24 (Dutscher equivalent part 862176)
862110  Tissue culture flasks Dutscher volume 25ml, for cell culture, with standard caps, inner pack size of 10, overall pack of 200, delivery included (equivalent to Jet Biofil part TCF011025)
862118  Tissue culture flasks Dutscher volume 850ml, for cell culture, with vented caps, inner pack size of 3, overall pack of 18, delivery included (equivalent to Jet Biofil part TCF012850)
862076  Centrifuge tubes Dutscher 15ml capacity, conical bottom, flat cap lid, sterile, supplied in a re-sealable bag, pack of 500 (equivalent to Jet Biofil part CFT011150)
862085  Cell scraper Dutscher length 230mm, blade length 12.5mm, rotating blade, sterile, pack of 150 (equivalent to Jet Biofil part CSC211023)
862073  Micro centrifuge tubes 1.5ml capacity, conical bottom, flat and frost lid, sterile, supplied in a plastic bag, pack of 4000 (equivalent to Jet Biofil part CFT001015)
862124  Plates wells, maximum single well volume 0.32ml, maximum single cell growth area 0.38cm2, with lid, sterile, pack of 100 (equivalent to Jet Biofil part TCP012096)