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The HMD Group is founded in May 2005. Its goal is to become a leading group in the industrial and office furniture market. HMD’s approach combines traditional and modern values. It introduces certain changes that nonetheless allow each of its companies to remain autonomous. The aim is to maintain the strength of these family-owned businesses, renowned and recognised in the market, and to infuse new blood into them with the help of the group’s teams.
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Chairs - Laboratory

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4DL40GBLR00705  4DL 40GBLR 00 705
4DL40GBLP00705  4DL 40GBLP 00 705
4DL40GHLP01505  4DL 40GHLP 01 505
7NG40GBLR00905  7NG 40GBLR 00 905
7NG40GHLP01512  7NG 40GHLP 01 512
7NG35NBPR00905  7NG 35NBPR 00 905
7NG35NHPP02905  7NG 35NHPP 02 905
4NN10NBNR00905  4NN 10NBNR 00 905
4NN10NHNR02905  4NN 10NHNR 02 905
4GN10GBJR00905  4GN 10GBJR 00 905
4GN10GHJP02905  4GN 10GHJP 02 905
4GM34GBLR00905  4GM 34GBLR 00 905
4GM34GHLP02905  4GM 34GHLP 02 905
4GN17GPJH00905  4GN 17GPJH 00 905
4GM37GPLR00905  4GM 37GPLR 00 905
7NN10GBJR00905  7NN 10GBJR 00 905
7NN10GHJR02905  7NN 10GHJR 02 905
7NK90NBDR00905  7NK 90NBDR 00 905
7NK90NHDP00905  7NK 90NHDP 00 905
7NK91NBDR00905  7NK 91NBDR 00 905
7NK91NHDP01905  7NK 91NHDP 01 905
7EG35GBLN00905  7EG 35GBLN 00 905
7EG35GHLE01905  7EG 35GHLE 01 905
7NS20GHJU00905  7NS 20GHJU 00 905
7NS27GPJU00905  7NS 27GPJU 00 905
7NN13SBRY00905  7NN 13SBRY 00 905
7NG35GBLP00905  7NG35GBLP00905
7NG40GBLP00905  7NG40GBLP00905
7NG40GHLP01905  7NG40GHLP01905

Other laboratory products -

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5NN10NBNP00000  Stool Kango
5NN10NBNR00000  Stool Kango
5NN10NHNP00000  Stool Kango
5NN10NBNU00000  Stool Kango
4NN10NBNP00905  Stool Kango
7NN10NBNP00905  Stool Kango
5NN10NHNR00000  Stool Kango
7NN10NBNR00905  Stool Kango
4GN10GBJP90737  Stool Kango
4NN20NBNP00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN10GBJP00000  Stool Kango
5NN20NBNP00000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN10NHNU00000  Stool Kango
4GN10GBJR90737  Stool Kango
4NN10NHNP00905  Stool Kango
4NN20NBNR00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN10GBJR00000  Stool Kango
5NN20NBNR00000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NN10NHNP00905  Stool Kango
4NN10NBNU00905  Stool Kango
7NN10NBNU00905  Stool Kango
4NN10NHNR00905  Stool Kango
5NN10GBJV00000  Stool Kango
7NN10NHNR00905  Stool Kango
5NN10GDJP00000  Stool Kango
4GN10GHJP90737  Stool Kango
4NN20NHNP00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN10GHJP00000  Stool Kango
5NN20NHNP00000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4GN10GBJU90737  Stool Kango
4NN20NBNU00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN10GBJU00000  Stool Kango
5NN20NBNU00000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4NN10GBJP00905  Stool Kango
5NN10GDJR00000  Stool Kango
6NN20NBNP00705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NN10GBJP00905  Stool Kango
4GN10GHJR90737  Stool Kango
5NN10GBJC00000  Stool Kango
5NN10GHJR00000  Stool Kango
4NN10NHNU00905  Stool Kango
7NN10NHNU00905  Stool Kango
4NN10GBJR00905  Stool Kango
5NN10GDJV00000  Stool Kango
6NN20NBNR00705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN10GHJV00000  Stool Kango
4NN20GBJP00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN20GBJP00000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4NN10GBJV00905  Stool Kango
5NN10GDJU00000  Stool Kango
7NN10GBJV00905  Stool Kango
4GN10GHJU90737  Stool Kango
4NN10GDJP00905  Stool Kango
5NN10GHJU00000  Stool Kango
7NN10GDJP00905  Stool Kango
4NN10GHJP00905  Stool Kango
5NN10GDJC00000  Stool Kango
6NN20NHNP00705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NN10GHJP00905  Stool Kango
4NN10GBJU00905  Stool Kango
4NN20GBLP00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN10GHJC00000  Stool Kango
5NN20GBLP00000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
6NN20NBNU00705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NN10GBJU00905  Stool Kango
4NN10GDJR00905  Stool Kango
7NN10GDJR00905  Stool Kango
4NN10GBJC00905  Stool Kango
4NN10GHJR00905  Stool Kango
7NN10GBJC00905  Stool Kango
7NN10GHJR00905  Stool Kango
4NN20GBLR00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4NN20GDJP00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN20GBLR00000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN20GDJP00000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4NN10GDJV00905  Stool Kango
4NN20GHJP00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NN10GDJV00905  Stool Kango
4NN10GHJV00905  Stool Kango
7NN10GHJV00905  Stool Kango
4NN20GBLV00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN20GBLV00000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN20GHJP00000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
6NN20GBJP00705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4NN10GDJU00905  Stool Kango
4NN20GDLP00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN20GDLP00000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NN10GDJU00905  Stool Kango
4NN10GHJU00905  Stool Kango
4NN20GHLP00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN20GHLP00000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NN10GHJU00905  Stool Kango
4NN10GDJC00905  Stool Kango
4NN20GBLU00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN20GBLU00000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NN10GDJC00905  Stool Kango
4GN10GBJP00905  Stool Kango
4NN10GHJC00905  Stool Kango
5NN10NHNP02000  Stool Kango
6NN20GBLP00705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NN10GHJC00905  Stool Kango
4NN20GBLC00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN20GBLC00000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN10NHNR02000  Stool Kango
6NN20GBLR00705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
6NN20GDJP00705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
6NN20GHJP00705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
6NN20GBLV00705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
6NN20GDLP00705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4GN10GHJP00905  Stool Kango
6NN20GHLP00705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4GN10GBJU00905  Stool Kango
5NN10NHNU02000  Stool Kango
6NN20GBLU00705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4NN10NHNP02905  Stool Kango
7NN10NHNP02905  Stool Kango
4GN10GHJR00905  Stool Kango
6NN20GBLC00705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NN10NHNR02905  Stool Kango
5NN10GDJP02000  Stool Kango
7NG20NBNP00512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20NBNP00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4GM34GBLP90737  Stool Kango
4GN10GHJP92737  Stool Kango
4NN20NHNP02905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN10GHJP02000  Stool Kango
5NN20NHNP02000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4GN10GHJU00905  Stool Kango
5NN10GDJR02000  Stool Kango
4GM34GBLR90737  Stool Kango
4GN10GHJR92737  Stool Kango
5NN10GHJR02000  Stool Kango
7NG20NBNR00512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20NBNR00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4NN10NHNU02905  Stool Kango
7NN10NHNU02905  Stool Kango
5NK90NBDP00P95  Chair Kango Koncept
5NN10GDJV02000  Stool Kango
5NN10GHJV02000  Stool Kango
7NG20NHNP00512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20NHNP00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4GM34GHLP90737  Stool Kango
5NK90NBDR00P95  Chair Kango Koncept
5NN10GDJU02000  Stool Kango
7NA20NBNR00905  Chair Kango Standup seat
7NG20NBNU00512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20NBNU00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4GM34GBLU90737  Stool Kango
4GN10GHJU92737  Stool Kango
4NN10GDJP02905  Stool Kango
5NN10GHJU02000  Stool Kango
5NN35GBLP00000  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NN10GDJP02905  Stool Kango
4NN10GHJP02905  Stool Kango
5NN10GDJC02000  Stool Kango
6NN20NHNP02705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NN10GHJP02905  Stool Kango
4GM34GHLR90737  Stool Kango
5NK90NBDV00P95  Chair Kango Koncept
5NN10GHJC02000  Stool Kango
4NN10GDJR02905  Stool Kango
5NN35GBLR00000  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NN10GDJR02905  Stool Kango
4NN10GHJR02905  Stool Kango
5NK90NHDP00P95  Chair Kango Koncept
7NA20NHNP00905  Chair Kango Standup seat
4NN20GDJP02905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NK90NBDU00P95  Chair Kango Koncept
5NN20GDJP02000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GBJP00512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GBJP00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4NN10GDJV02905  Stool Kango
4NN20GHJP02905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN20GHJP02000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN35GBLV00000  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NN10GDJV02905  Stool Kango
4NN10GHJV02905  Stool Kango
5NK90NBDC00P95  Chair Kango Koncept
5NN35GDLP00000  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NN10GHJV02905  Stool Kango
4GM34GHLU90737  Stool Kango
5NN35GHLP00000  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN10GDJU02905  Stool Kango
4NN20GDLP02905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN20GDLP02000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN35GBLU00000  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG20GBLP00512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GBLP00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NN10GDJU02905  Stool Kango
4NN10GHJU02905  Stool Kango
4NN20GHLP02905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN20GHLP02000  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN35GDLR00000  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35NBPP00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35NBPP00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NN10GHJU02905  Stool Kango
4NN10GDJC02905  Stool Kango
5NN35GBLC00000  Chair Kango Adjustable
5NN35GHLR00000  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NN10GDJC02905  Stool Kango
4NN10GHJC02905  Stool Kango
7NG20GBLR00512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GBLR00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GDJP00512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GDJP00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NN10GHJC02905  Stool Kango
5NN35GDLV00000  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35NBPR00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35NBPR00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG20GHJP00512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GHJP00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN35GHLV00000  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NA20GBJR00905  Chair Kango Standup seat
4NN35GBLP00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN20GDJP02705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GBLV00512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GBLV00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN35GDLU00000  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN20GHJP02705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GDLP00512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GDLP00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN35GHLU00000  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG20GHLP00512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GHLP00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4NN35GBLR00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
5NN35GDLC00000  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35NHPP00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35NHPP00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG20GBLU00512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GBLU00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN35GHLC00000  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN20GDLP02705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
6NN35NBPU00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35NBPU00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NA20GHJP00905  Chair Kango Standup seat
4GM34GBLP00905  Stool Kango
6NN20GHLP02705  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GBLC00512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GBLC00905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4NN35GBLV00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35NHPR00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35NHPR00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GDLP00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4GN10GHJR02905  Stool Kango
4NN35GHLP00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GBLU00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GDLR00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GBLP00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GBLP00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GBLC00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GHLR00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35NHPU00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35NHPU00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
4GM34GHLP00905  Stool Kango
4NN35GDLV00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GBLR00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GBLR00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
4GM34GBLU00905  Stool Kango
4GN10GHJU02905  Stool Kango
4NN35GHLV00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4GM34GHLR00905  Stool Kango
4NN35GDLU00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GBLV00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GBLV00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GHLU00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GDLP00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GDLP00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GDLC00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLP00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLP00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GHLC00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GBLU00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GBLU00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG20NHNP02512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20NHNP02905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
4GM34GHLP92737  Stool Kango
6NN35GDLR00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GDLR00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GBLC00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GBLC00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLR00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLR00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
4GM34GHLU00905  Stool Kango
4GM34GHLR92737  Stool Kango
6NN35GDLV00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GDLV00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLV00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLV00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NA20NHNP02905  Chair Kango Standup seat
6NN35GDLU00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GDLU00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLU00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLU00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NK90NBDP00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NS20NHNU00905  Chair Kango Standup seat
5NN35GDLP02000  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GDLC00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GDLC00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35NBPP00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35NBPP00905  Wolf special offer - Chair Kango Adjustable OFFER ENDS 30-04-2020
4GM34GHLU92737  Stool Kango
5NN35GHLP02000  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLC00320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLC00705  Chair Kango Adjustable
5NN35GDLR02000  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35NBPR00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
5NN35GHLR02000  Chair Kango Adjustable
5NK90NHDP01P95  Chair Kango Koncept
7NG20GDJP02512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GDJP02905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NK90NBDV00905  Chair Kango Koncept
5NN35GDLV02000  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG20GHJP02512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GHJP02905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
5NN35GHLV02000  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35NHPP00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35NHPP00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NK90NBDU00905  Chair Kango Koncept
5NN35GDLU02000  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG20GDLP02512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GDLP02905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG35NBPU00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35NBPU00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
5NN35GHLU02000  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG20GHLP02512  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NG20GHLP02905  Chair Kango Semi-standup
7NK90NBDC00905  Chair Kango Koncept
5NN35GDLC02000  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35NHPP02320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35NHPP02705  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35NHPR00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35NHPR00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
5NN35GHLC02000  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NA20GHJP02905  Chair Kango Standup seat
6NN35NHPR02320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35NHPR02705  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GDLP02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GBLP00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GHLP02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35NHPU00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35NHPU00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GDLR02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GBLR00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GBLR00905  Wolf special offer - Chair Kango Adjustable OFFER ENDS 30-04-2020
4NN35GHLR02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
5NN35GTLP01000  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35NHPU02320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35NHPU02705  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GDLV02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN40GBLP00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG35GBLV00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GBLV00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GHLV02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7EG20GBLE00905  Chair Kango Anti-static
7NG35GDLP00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GDLP00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GDLC00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GHLP00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GHLP00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4GM34GHLR02905  Stool Kango
4NN35GDLU02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN40GBLR00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
5NH40GBLP0000A  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG35GBLU00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GBLU00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GHLU02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GDLP02320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GDLP02705  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GDLR00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GDLR00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GDLC02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLP02320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLP02705  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GBLC00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GBLC00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GHLR00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GHLR00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GHLC02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN40GBLV00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
5NH40GBLR0000A  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4NN40GDLP00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6NN35GDLR02320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GDLR02705  Chair Kango Adjustable
7KA80XHFO00512  Chair Kango Standup seat
7KA80YHFO00905  Chair Kango Standup seat
7NG35GDLV00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GDLV00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN40GHLP00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6NN35GHLR02320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLR02705  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GHLV00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GHLV00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4GM34GHLU02905  Stool Kango
4NN40GBLU00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
5NH40GBLV0000A  Chair Kango Asynchronous
5NK91NBDP00P95  Chair Kango Koncept
5NH40GDLP0000A  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6NN35GDLV02320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GDLV02705  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN40GBLP00320  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6NN40GBLP00705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG35GDLU00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GDLU00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN40GBLC00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
5NH40GHLP0000A  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6NN35GHLV02320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLV02705  Chair Kango Adjustable
7EG20GDLE00905  Chair Kango Anti-static
7NG35GHLU00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GHLU00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
5NH40GBLU0000A  Chair Kango Asynchronous
5NK91NBDR00P95  Chair Kango Koncept
7EG20GHLE00905  Chair Kango Anti-static
7NG35GDLC00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GDLU02320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GDLU02705  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN40GBLR00320  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6NN40GBLR00705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG35GHLC00512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GHLC00905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4NN35GTLP01905  Chair Kango Adjustable
5NH40GBLC0000A  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6NN35GHLU02320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLU02705  Chair Kango Adjustable
5NK91NBDV00P95  Chair Kango Koncept
6NN35GDLC02320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GDLC02705  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLC02320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GHLC02705  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN40GBLV00320  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6NN40GBLV00705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
5NK91NHDP00P95  Chair Kango Koncept
6NN40GDLP00320  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6NN40GDLP00705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7EG20GBLN00905  Chair Kango Anti-static
5NK91NBDU00P95  Chair Kango Koncept
6NN40GHLP00320  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6NN40GHLP00705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6NN40GBLU00320  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6NN40GBLU00705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
5NK91NBDC00P95  Chair Kango Koncept
6NN40GBLC00320  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6NN40GBLC00705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG35NHPP02512  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GTLP01320  Chair Kango Adjustable
6NN35GTLP01705  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35NHPR02512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35NHPR02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NK90NHDP01905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NG35NHPU02512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35NHPU02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
4GN17GPJH90737  Stool Kango
4GN17GPJR90737  Stool Kango
7EK90GBLE00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NA80ZZSP00905  Chair Kango Standup seat
7NG35GDLP02512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GDLP02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GHLP02512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GHLP02905  Wolf special offer - Chair Kango Adjustable OFFER ENDS 30-04-2020
4GN17GPJU90737  Stool Kango
7NG35GDLR02512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GDLR02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GHLR02512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GHLR02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GDLV02512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GDLV02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG40GBLP00512  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG35GHLV02512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GHLV02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7EK90GHLE00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NG35GDLU02512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GDLU02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG40GBLR00512  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG35GHLU02512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GHLU02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GDLC02512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GDLC02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GHLC02512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GHLC02905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG40GBLV00512  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG40GBLV00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7EK90GBLN00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NG40GDLP00512  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG40GDLP00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4NN40GDLP01905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG40GHLP00512  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG40GHLP00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4NN40GHLP01905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG40GBLU00512  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG40GBLU00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
5NH40GDLP0100A  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG40GBLC00512  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG40GBLC00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
5NH40GHLP0100A  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG35GTLP01512  Chair Kango Adjustable
7NG35GTLP01905  Chair Kango Adjustable
7EG20GDLE01905  Chair Kango Anti-static
7EG20GHLE01905  Chair Kango Anti-static
5NK91NHDP01P95  Chair Kango Koncept
6NN40GDLP01320  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6NN40GDLP01705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4GN17GPJR00905  Stool Kango
6NN40GHLP01320  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6NN40GHLP01705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7EA80ZZSP00905  Chair Kango Anti-static
4GN17GPJU00905  Stool Kango
4GM37GPLH90737  Stool Kango
4GM37GPLR90737  Stool Kango
7NK91NBDP00905  Chair Kango Koncept
6ML40GBLP00505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GBLP00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7EG35GBLE00905  Chair Kango Anti-static
7NK91NCDR00905  Chair Kango Koncept
6ML40GBLR00505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GBLR00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
5NK97GPDH00P95  Chair Kango Koncept
4DL40GBLP00505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4GM37GPLU90737  Stool Kango
7NK91NBDV00905  Chair Kango Koncept
6ML40GBLV00505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GBLV00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GDLP00505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GDLP00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NK91NHDP00905  Chair Kango Koncept
4DL40GBLR00505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GHLP00505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GHLP00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NK91NBDU00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NK91NCDU00905  Chair Kango Koncept
6ML40GBLU00505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GBLU00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
5NK97GPDU00P95  Chair Kango Koncept
7NK91NBDC00905  Chair Kango Koncept
4DL40GBLV00505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GBLV00705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GBLC00505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GBLC00905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GDLP00505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GDLP00705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
5NK97GPDC00P95  Chair Kango Koncept
7EG35GDLE00905  Chair Kango Anti-static
4DL40GHLP00505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GHLP00705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7EG35GHLE00905  Chair Kango Anti-static
4DL40GBLU00505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GBLU00705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7EK90GHLE01905  Chair Kango Koncept
4DL40GBLC00505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GBLC00705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG40GDLP01512  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG40GDLP01905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4GM37GPLH00905  Stool Kango
7EG35GDLN00905  Chair Kango Anti-static
7EG35GHLN00905  Chair Kango Anti-static
7NC91NBDR00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NN13SBRX00905  Chair Kango Stainless steel
4GM37GPLU00905  Stool Kango
7NC91NHDP00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NC91NBDU00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NN13SHRX00905  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7NP91NBDR00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NK97GPDH00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NP91NHDP00905  Chair Kango Koncept
6ML40GDLP01505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GDLP01905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7EG40GBLE00905  Chair Kango Anti-static
7NP91NBDU00905  Chair Kango Koncept
6ML40GHLP01505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GHLP01905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GDLP01505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GDLP01705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NK97GPDU00905  Chair Kango Koncept
4DL40GHLP01705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NK97GPDC00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7EG35GDLE01905  Chair Kango Anti-static
7NN13SHRY00905  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7EG40GDLE00905  Chair Kango Anti-static
7EG40GHLE00905  Chair Kango Anti-static
7NC91NCTR00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7EG40GBLN00905  Chair Kango Anti-static
7NC91NCTU00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7EG35GDLN01905  Chair Kango Anti-static
7NC91NCTG00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7EG35GHLN01905  Chair Kango Anti-static
7EG35GTLE01905  Chair Kango Anti-static
7NC91NHDP01905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NP91NCTR00905  Chair Kango Koncept
6ML40GBLP30505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GBLP30905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7EK91GBLE00905  Chair Kango Koncept
2NN13SBRX00X22  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7NP91NCTU00905  Chair Kango Koncept
6ML40GBLR30505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GBLR30905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG23SBRX00512  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7NG23SBRX00905  Chair Kango Stainless steel
4DL40GBLP30505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GBLP30705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NP91NCTG00905  Chair Kango Koncept
6ML40GBLV30505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GBLV30905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GDLP30505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GDLP30905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GBLR30505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GBLR30705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GHLP30505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GHLP30905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GBLU30505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GBLU30905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NP91NHDP01905  Chair Kango Koncept
2NN13SHRX00X22  Chair Kango Stainless steel
4DL40GBLV30505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GBLV30705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GBLC30505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GBLC30905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7EK91GHLE00905  Chair Kango Koncept
4DL40GDLP30505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GDLP30705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GHLP30505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GHLP30705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7NG23SHRX00512  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7NG23SHRX00905  Chair Kango Stainless steel
4DL40GBLU30505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GBLU30705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GBLC30505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GBLC30705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7EK91GBLN00905  Chair Kango Koncept
2NN13SBRY00X22  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7NA23SHRX00905  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7NG23SBRY00512  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7NG23SBRY00905  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7EG40GDLE01905  Chair Kango Anti-static
7EG40GHLE01905  Chair Kango Anti-static
2NN13SHRY00X22  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7NA23SBRY00905  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7EP91GBLE00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7EP91GHLE00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7EP91GBLN00905  Chair Kango Koncept
6ML40GDLP31505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GDLP31905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GHLP31505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
6ML40GHLP31905  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GDLP31505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GDLP31705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GHLP31505  Chair Kango Asynchronous
4DL40GHLP31705  Chair Kango Asynchronous
7EK91GHLE01905  Chair Kango Koncept
7EP91GHLE01905  Chair Kango Koncept
7KA82FXYO00512  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7KA82FXYO00905  Chair Kango Stainless steel
6XP91NCTR00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NN12VHXX00905  Chair Kango Stainless steel
4EP91GBLE00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NK93VHXX00905  Chair Kango Koncept
6XP91NCTU00905  Chair Kango Koncept
6XP91NCTG00905  Chair Kango Koncept
4EP91GHLE00905  Chair Kango Koncept
4EP91GBLN00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NG26VHXX00512  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7NG26VHXX00905  Chair Kango Stainless steel
4EP91GHLE01905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NG36VHXX00512  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7NK95VHXX00905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NK93VHXX04905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NN12VHXX04905  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7NG26VHXX04512  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7NG26VHXX04905  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7NK95VHXX04905  Chair Kango Koncept
7NG36VHXX00905  Chair Kango Stainless steel
7NG36VHXX04512  Chair Kango Stainless steel
6XE51NABR50905  Chair Kango Standup seat
ZZZKAN01-CARR01  Carriage cost Kango to goods in
6NB52NEQR20905  Office Chair with 5-branch chrome base, castors, black fabric – height :
7EG26VHXE00905  ESD Semi-stand up seat with 5-branch 316L stainless steel base, glides, black PU – height : 500-750mm
7EG26VHXE04905  ESD Semi-stand up seat with 5-branch 316L stainless steel base, glides, black PU, stainless steel footring – height : 500-750mm
7EG36VHXE00905  ESD Chair with 5-branch 316L stainless steel base, glides, black PU – height : 500-750mm
7EG36VHXE04905  ESD Chair with 5-branch 316L stainless steel base, glides, black PU, stainless steel footring – height : 500-750mm
7EK93VHXE00905  Koncept ESD semi-stand-up seat with 5-branch 316L stainless steel base, glides, comfort PU – height : 560-810mm
7EK93VHXE04905  Koncept ESD semi-stand-up seat with 5-branch 316L stainless steel base, glides, comfort PU, stainless steel footring – height : 560-810mm
7EK95VHXE00905  Koncept ESD chair with 5-branch 316L stainless steel base, lumbar support, glides, comfort PU – height : 560-810mm
7EK95VHXE04905  Koncept ESD chair with 5-branch 316L stainless steel base, lumbar support, glides, comfort PU, stainless steel footring – height : 560-810mm
REPL1BAC  Aluminium Footring, adjustable in height + one polypropylene Tool Tray
REPL2BAC  Aluminium Footring, adjustable in height + two polypropylene Tool Tray
REPL3BAC  Aluminium Footring, adjustable in height + three polypropylene Tool Tray
REPL4BAC  Aluminium Footring + four polypropylene Tool Tray
BACREPL  Polypropylene Tool Tray
KNEELER  Kneeler made of flexible polyurethane foam

  • Product update

    Kango 4DL 40GBLR 00 705 laboratory chair from Wolflabs. 

    Features and benefits
    - Seat and backrest slick surfaces
    - Soft easy to desinfect
    - Multiple adjustments
    - Chrome, 5-branch, scuff-resistant, reinforced base with heavy-duty nylon casters
    - Chrome gas-lift column with height adjustment from 450 to 580 mm and shock absorber

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Chairs - Laboratory Kango David Suddaby 10-Jun-2018

  • Product update

    Kango 4GM 34GHLP 02 905 laboratory chair from Wolflabs. 

    Features and benefits
    - Chrome, 5-branch, scuff-resistant, reinforced base with articulated glides
    - Chrome gas-lift column with height adjustment from 590 to 830 mm and shock absorber
    - Height adjustable polyamide foot-ring
    - Round seat in black M1 vinyl with high density soft foam
    - Articulated backrest in black M1 vinyl with high density soft foam, adjustable in height and depth

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Chairs - Laboratory Kango David Suddaby 10-Mar-2018

  • Product update

    Kango 7NK 90NHDP 00 905 laboratory chair from Wolflabs. 

    Features and benefits
    - Black steel, 5-branch, scuff-resistant, reinforced base with articulated glides
    - Black gas-lift column with height adjustment from 610 to 855 mm and shock absorber
    - Deformable seat in black KANGO soft polyurethane, tilted of 2° forward
    - Assembly on silentbloc
    - Auto-adaptive system in the movements of the user
    - Ergonomy and design
    - Eliminates the fatigue
    - Polyvalent
    - Auto-adaptive
    - Without staples nor seams
    - Abrasion-resistant

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Chairs - Laboratory Kango David Suddaby 01-Oct-2017

  • Product update

    Kango 4GN 10GHJP 02 905 laboratory stool from Wolflabs. 

    Features and benefits
    - Chrome, 5-branch, scuff-resistant, reinforced base with articulated glides
    - Chrome gas-lift column with height adjustment from 590 to 830 mm and shock absorber
    - Height adjustable polyamide foot-ring
    - Round seat in black M1 vinyl with high density soft foam

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Chairs - Laboratory Kango David Suddaby 01-Aug-2017

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    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Chairs - Laboratory Kango David Child 27-Jun-2017