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    Norlab VM-1 vortexer from Wolflabs. The Norlab VM-1 vortex mixer is ideal for a wide variety of applications and combines power and durability with state-of-the-art controls to facilitate mixing.

    Features and benefits
    - Yes a personal Vortex, weighing only 600g. Its low profile and small footprint make it ideal for a crowded modern Lab work bench.
    - It is small yet incredibly stable, without the need for heavy weights to keep it on the bench. Its suction feet Merely adding to that stability.
    - You get full variable speed with touch and continuous control.
    - The design is ideal for suspending cells in cell culture and microbiological laboratories and in biochemical and analytical laboratories for mixing reagents or diluting samples.
    - The DC brushless motor and belt drive make the vortexer incredibly powerful and it will far outlast a conventional DC brush motor.
    - The Norlab Vortex Mixer complies with all the necessary safety standards and the mixer can be used with test tubes up to 16/20mm in size.

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    Vortexers Norlab David Suddaby 10-Apr-2018