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Freezers - -20°C

4 products >
UGL3020W  UGL3020W
FFGL3020W  FFGL3020W
UEN3020W  UEN3020W

Freezers - Plasma

3 products >
UFP1230W  UFP1230W
UFP3030W  UFP3030W
UFP430W  UFP430W


6 products >
REL1204W  REL1204W
REL3004W  REL3004W
REL7504W  REL7504W
RGL1204W  RGL1204W
RGL3004W  RGL3004W
RGL7504W  RGL7504W

Fridges - Blood Bank

3 products >
REB1204W  REB1204W
REB3004W  REB3004W
REB404W  REB404W

Fridges - Chromatography Cabinets

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REC7504W  REC7504W

Other laboratory products -

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SLS-SOR002  Revco Freezer Rack Upright 235 x 140 x 560mm (FRE2122)

  • Product update

    New REC7504W chromatography cabinet from Revco has been added.

    Features and benefits
    - Adjustable, epoxy-coated wire shelves are standard.
    - Bright, LED interior lighting.
    - Built-in remote alarm contacts.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Fridges - Chromatography Cabinets Revco David Suddaby 31-Oct-2019

  • Product update

    New UGL3020W, FFGL3020W, 20EFEETSV, UEN3020W and FFEN3020W -20°C freezers from Revco have been added.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Freezers - -20°C Revco David Suddaby 10-Sep-2019