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Welcome to SCHOTT North America. For 125 years our company has been developing and manufacturing special glass, special materials, components and systems to improve how people live and work. By providing innovative ideas and outstanding expertise in technology, SCHOTT North America offers solutions for the future and takes its responsibility for society and the environment very seriously.

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Microscope Accessories - Cold Light Sources

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Cold Light Sources - Schott

KL 200 LED

The KL 200 LED light source is perfectly suited to routine microscopes (“Greenough” type), both in terms of price and performance, using one 3 Watt High Power LED as the illuminant. The luminous flux at the end of the light guide is comparable with a 20 Watt halogen lamp. All light guides and corresponding accessories from the previous KL 200 model, which was operated with a halogen lamp, will also fit this model. The KL 200 LED is very small and compact and can be fitted to almost all “Greenough” microscopes with special holding devices, thus forming an unit. 


• brightness equivalent to 20 W halogene light sources 
• usable as standalone or mounted at microscope stands 
• fits to all light guides and accessories of KL 200 series 
• wide range power supply with international clip system 
• no cooling fan (free of noise and vibration) 
• continuous electronical dimming 0...100% 
• separate on/off switch 
• DC driven 
• no color temperature shift on dimming

KL 1500 LED

The KL 1500 LED was developed for standard and high end applications using microscopes with a parallel light path (“Galileo” type). Its special optics couple light generated by a total of 7 High Brightness LEDs (each 3 Watt) into a glass fiber bundle with a maximum diameter of 9 mm. The luminous spot at the light guide end remains homogenous and the luminous flux is comparable with a 150 W halogen lamp. This is currently a one-of-a-kind performance. The price of the KL 1500 LED can be compared with its predecessor model, the KL 1500 LCD, which is operated with a halogen lamp. 


• brightness equivalent to 150 W halogen light sources 
• fits to all light guides and accessories of KL 1500 series 
• inexpensive adaptors for other systems available 
• slider for color filters 
• wide range power supply with international clip system 
• very low noise cooling fan 
• continuous electronical dimming 0...100% 
• separate on/off switch 
• DC driven 
• no color temperature shift on dimming

KL 1500 compact

The KL 1500 compact is a new 150-watt halogen cold light source, developed and designed for applications in stereo microscopy and macroscopy. With its modern and aesthetic design the typical "Look and Feel" of the KL family is maintained. Concentration onto basis features compared to the high-end LCD light sources allows an excellent price-performance-ratio.
The KL 1500 compact is driven by an autoswitching wide range power supply which covers a range from 85 to 264 volts at 47 to 63 Hz for world wide usage. The high frequency (approx. 20 kHz) light source is digital camera proof - no flicker effect at short exposure times in "Life Image" mode.

The KL 1500 compact has been approved and certified as laboratory and electromedical device by CSA (C/US) and is in compliance with the CE regulations. 
All light guides and accessories of the KL series fit to the KL 1500 compact as shown in the system diagram below.

Technical Information

Model: KL200 KL1500 KL1500compact
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm): 106 x 114 x 59 220 x 113 x 137 183 x 261 x 137
Weight (kg): Approx. 0.35 Approx. 1.75 Approx. 3.0
Cooling: Convection Silent fan Very low-noise fan
Electrical data:
Operating voltage, frequency: 100 –240 V ~, 50 – 60 Hz 90 – 264 V ~, 47 – 63 Hz 90 – 264 V ~, 50 – 60 Hz
Input voltage (V): 9 12 -
Power consumption (VA): Max. 5 Max. 30 180
Protection class: II II I
Overvoltage category: II II II
Diode: LED, Luxeon Rebel Cree Xlamp high power LEDs N/A
LED power rating (W): 3 7 x 3.5 N/A
LED life time (h): 50.000 50.000 N/A
Lamp type: N/A N/A Halogen reflector lamp type EFR
Lamp voltage rating (V) N/A N/A 15
Lamp power rating (W) N/A N/A 150
Average lamp level 4 (h) N/A N/A 1500
Service life level 5 (h) N/A N/A 200
Illumination data:
Light flux (lm): 50 380 450
Colour temperature (K): Approx. 5.600 Approx. 6.000 -
Light control: Electrical Electrical Electrical
Active light guide diameter (mm): Max. 6 Max. 9 Max. 9/
Certification marks:
Approvals: CE (power supply: CE, UL, PSE) CE (power supply CE, UL, PSE) CE, CSA
EMV-class: B B A