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Welch is a leading pump manufacturer of high-quality, durable vacuum products. Their extensive portfolio includes diaphragm pumps, rotary vane pumps, piston pumps and turbomolecular pumps and systems, in addition to a wide range of accessories.

As a global leader in vacuum technology, they are renowned for solution-oriented vacuum expertise. Serving numerous laboratories and equipment manufacturers around the world, they add value to our customers’ businesses through unique end-use solutions and innovative OEM products. In addition to their state-of-the-art product portfolio, their customers and business partners benefit from exceptional service, valuable training programs, and fast, experienced technical support. Their commitment to developing new technologies, engaging highly qualified specialists, and extensive testing in our in-house laboratories ensure that they meet all their customers’ requirements – both now and in the future.

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2511C-75  2511
2515C-75  2515
112037  Biovac 106
112037-04  Biovac 106
112037-04-12  Biovac 106

Pumps - Dosing and Peristaltic

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3100C-02  3100C-02
3200C-02  3200C-02

Pumps - Vacuum - General Purpose

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2019C-02  2019
2019C-50  2019
3042-00  CRVpro 4
3062-00  CRVpro 6
3082-00  CRVpro 8
330071  CRVpro 4 basic package
330072  CRVpro 6 basic package
330073  CRVpro 8 basic package
330074  CRVpro 4 measurement package
330075  CRVpro 6 measurement package
3162-00  CRVpro 16
3242-00  CRVpro 24
3302-00  CRVpro 30
3042-00-700621  CRVpro 4 with FREE FOM16 oil mist filter
112036  HBP 101
115047  LVS 301 Z
114184  LVS 105T - 10 ef
115234  LVS 210T ef
115054  LVS 610 T
115041  LVS 300 Z
115234-12  LVS 210T ef
3022-00  CRVpro 2
412021  MPC 090 E
412522  MPC 101 Z
412711  MPC 301 E
412722  MPC 301 Z
412721  MPC 601 E
412443-02  MPC 105 T
414722  MPC 302 Z
109030  P6Z-101 Chemvac
109031  P12Z-301 Chemvac
109032  P23Z-301 Chemvac
115057  LVS 601 T
115254  LVS 610 T - EF
412783  MPC 1201 T
115264  LVS 1210 T - EF
116264  LVSF 1210 T - EF
4000481-04  MPC 301 ZP - ATEX Kat. 2
4000511-04  MPC 601 TP - ATEX
2511C-02  WOB-L 2511
2522C-02  WOB-L 2522
2534C-02  WOB-L 2534
2546C-02  WOB-L 2546
2567C-50  WOB-L 2567
2562C-50  WOB-L 2562
2561C-50  WOB-L 2561
2585C-50  WOB-L 2585
2581C-50  WOB-L 2581

Other laboratory products -

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600072  PIZA 111
701011  Clamp Welch-Ilmvac KF16
701191  Ring Welch-Ilmvac KF16 centring, with fine filter in SS with FKM o-ring
828374  Hose Welch-Ilmvac silicone, vacuum, 6mm ID, 3mm wall thickness, price per metre
1423B  Jar Welch-Ilmvac 230ml, glass, to capture ingested liquids.
700458-02  Vacuum regulator Welch-Ilmvac with gauge and trap, for installation to the inlet of MP065E diaphragm pump
402008  Maintenance kit Welch for MPC101Zp
320015  Oil mist separator Welch-Ilmvac AKD16
330032  Freeze dryer adapter kit Welch with oil mist separator AKD, 2-way ball valve, PVC vacuum hose (1.5m) and hose connector DN 16KF/DN 25KF, hinge clamp ring and centering ring
330052  Vacuum measurement kit Welch contains PIZA111cr-GOLD gauge, stand, T-piece & adapters
710739  Adapter Welch-Ilmvac flange, KF16 – DN8
1420H-14  Cold trap Welch-Ilmvac dry ice/liquid nitrogen with DN10 hose nozzles, large cold chamber provides rapid condensation of solvent vapours, effective foreline cold trap for vacuum manifolds or Schlenk lines, removable centre makes trapping surface easy to clean
705125  Cold trap Welch-Ilmvac borosilicate glass, removes condensable vapours from gas stream, high chemical resistance, high thermal stability, coated to protect against glass breakage, glass thickness 5 mm, size of the container for coolant approx. 330 ml.
330036  P6Z FD Package
112529  Footswitch Welch for Biovac aspirator
600074  PIZA 111 cr GOLD handheld multi range vacuum gauge with chemical duty sensor
3432K-01  Tubing cartridge Welch 1.6mm, silicon, pack of 5
3432K-02  Tubing cartridge Welch 3.2mm, silicon, pack of 5
3432K-04  Tubing cartridge Welch 4.8mm, silicon, pack of 5
3434K-01  Tubing cartridge Welch 1.6mm, PVC, pack of 5
3434K-02  Tubing cartridge Welch 3.2mm, PVC, pack of 5
3434K-04  Tubing cartridge Welch 4.8mm, PVC, pack of 5
402046  Maintenance kit Ilmvac 402046 kit for MPC301E contains replacement diaphragm, valves and o-rings.
826801  Pin wrench Ilmvac 826801 (size 3)
700010  Oil mist filter Welch OME10/16
710741  Flange adapter Welch KF16 – DN10
828310-3  Vacuum hose Welch 1m, 10mm ID
320016  Inlet Separator AKS 16, DN 16 KF
330031  Freeze dryer adapter kit Welch DN 16KF with oil mist separator AKD 16, 2-way ball valve, PVC vacuum hose (1.5 m) and hose connector DN 16KF / DN 25KF, hinge clamp ring and centering ring
330060  Hose adaptor kit Welch with hose connector, red rubber vacuum hose 1.5m and clamps
710755  Vacuum hose Welch stainless steel, DN 16KF, 1500 mm
800995-01  Vacuum pump oil Welch Directorr premium, 1 Litre
800995-05  Vacuum pump oil Welch Directorr premium, 5 Litre
800160  Filter Cartridge Ilmvac Replacement element for oil mist filter (OME10 & AKD)
29008965  Replacement rolling band Ilmvac must order 5 x 29008965 minimum
402041  Maintenance kit Ilmvac 402041 kit for MPC301Z
624192  Barbed hose connector Welch for 2511
330053  Vacuum Pump Control kit for fine vacuum DN16KF with MRV 100, PIZA111cr Gold combi-sensor, T-piece, solenoid valve and connecting
S3077-99  Service kit for CRVpro 4
S3078-99  Service kit for CRVpro 6
S3079-99  Service kit for CRVpro 8
S3080-99  Seal kit for CRVpro 4, 6, 8
112555-04  In-line hydrophobic filter Welch to help protect the pump when making an aspirator setup
320018  Inlet condenser Welch
320017  Oil mist separator Welch AKD with large glass jar for easy capture and horizontal arrangement alongside the pump, for CRV Pro16
700012  Oil mist filter Welch economic, OME with exchangeable cartridge (plastic)
1417P-11  Exhaust filter Welch standard with good capture of oil mist (metal)
1417D  Exhaust filter Welch professional with excellent capture of oil mist and pump noise reduction (metal)
710756  Vacuum hose Welch stainless steel, 1.5m
340011  Oil drain valve Welch funnel
330054  Vacuum control kit Welch digital vacuum gauge MRV 100 with PIZA 111 cr-gold, T-piece, solenoid valve, hinge clamp ring and centering ring
700459  Gauge Welch
1123037-01   Aspirator Welch Biovac 106 suitable for hazardous biological and chemical waste, 12l/min flow rate, 4l waste capacity, with liquid level sensor, vacuum regulator and gauge pressure adjustment for delicate samples.
115044  LVS310Z model Ilmvac Laboratory Vacuum System LVS 310 Z, 38l/min, 8mbar, 230V, 50/60Hz with Schuko and UK plug leads. Chemical duty diaphragm vacuum pump with inlet separator, exhaust emissions condenser and digital vacuum controller.
1475K-20  Receiving flask for aspirator
2585K-03  Full service kit 2585
404005  Vacuum oven kit Welch KF16 & 25
404006  Vacuum oven kit Welch advanced, KF16 & 25, including filter
412743  Pump Welch diaphragm, MPC 601 T, chemical duty
600100  Controller Welch - Ilmvac VCpro 601, measures and displays vacuum pressure both graphically and digitally. The vacuum pressure can be controlled from 1100-1 mbar (825 to 0.75 Torr). Fully programmable modes to allow run repeatability. (Replaces part number 600053)
700621  FOM16 professional oil mist filter with oil drainback, for excellent elimination of oil mist, DN16KF flanges
700622  FOM25 professional oil mist filter with oil drainback, for excellent elimination of oil mist, DN25KF flanges

  • Product update

    New general purpose vacuum pumps from Welch have been added.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Pumps - Vacuum - General Purpose Welch David Suddaby 15-Jan-2020

  • Product update

    Welch MPC 101 Z general purpose vacuum pump from Wolflabs. These pumps for chemical duty applications. 

    Features and benefits
    - Low weight and excellent ergonomics.
    - User friendly.
    - Proven diaphragm technology offers a double benefit to the user.
    - Minimal operation vibration.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Pumps - Vacuum - General Purpose Welch David Suddaby 20-Jun-2019

  • Product update

    Welch general purpose vacuum pump from Wolflabs. 

    Features and benefits
    - Continuous operation monitoring due to vacuum and pressure regulator.
    - Optimized design for space saving use and easy cleaning.
    - Easy Handling and control features qualifies the pump for flexible usage.
    - High quality piston technology offers low maintenance to the pump and an efficient continuous running.


    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Pumps - Vacuum - General Purpose Welch David Suddaby 02-May-2019

  • Product update

    Welch MPC 090 E general purpose vacuum pump from Wolflabs.

    Benefits and features
    Analytically pure, oil free vacuum.
    - Light weight, rugged design.
    - Designed for contiously running.
    - Use in the lab or in the field.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Pumps - Vacuum - General Purpose Welch David Suddaby 10-Oct-2018

  • Product update

    Welch S15 general purpose vacuum pumps from Wolflabs.

    Features and benefits
    - Compact vertical design.
    - Quiet and low-vibration operation.
    - Continuous operation even with high intake pressures.
    - Suction and exhaust ports are designed with small flanges.
    - Important parts are easy to service and replace.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Pumps - Vacuum - General Purpose Welch David Suddaby 10-Sep-2018