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Gas Cylinder Regulators

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RE0250  RE0250
RE0345  RE0345
RE0248  RE0248
RE0244  RE0244
RE0246  RE0246
RE0344  RE0344
RE0350  RE0350
RE0351  RE0351

Other laboratory products -

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WES002-CARR01  Carriage cost Wescol for products under £250 to goods in
WES002-CARR02  Carriage cost Wescol for products over £250 to goods in
RE0202   Gas cylinder regulator Wescol TS inert, gas 10 Bar, 2G SE
RE0187  Gas cylinder regulator Wescol TS Inert Gas 10 Bar 2G BE

  • Product update

    New gas cylinder regulators from Wescol have been added. Wescol regulators are world renowned for quality and reliability in the field. Available to suit almost every application, in an almost infinite variety of configurations, Wescol regulators are backed up by a 12 month factory warranty. 

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Gas Cylinder Regulators Wescol David Suddaby 28-Apr-2016