Lead Rings

The products we are featuring are from Heathrow Scientific with O shape or C shape types, minimum flask sizes of 250 to 1000ml, maximum flask sizes of 1000 to 4000ml, and IDs of 51 to 66mm. Use our application table to identify the best product for your application. The most important question to ask is the size of flask the lead rings will be used with.

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    25 - 49.99 (3)
  • ? Manufacturer
    Heathrow Scientific (3)
  • Type
    C Shape (2)
    O Shape (1)
  • ?Min flask size / ml
    250 (1)
    500 (1)
    1000 (1)
  • ?Max flask size / ml
    1000 (1)
    2000 (1)
    4000 (1)
  • ?ID / mm
    51 (1)
    57 (1)
    66 (1)

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Catalogue no.



Min flask size ml? Max flask size ml? ID mm? Offer price ? Quantity

Special Offer
Heathrow Scientific C Shape 250 1000 51 £38.27
Special Offer
Heathrow Scientific O Shape 500 2000 57 £38.38
Special Offer
Heathrow Scientific C Shape 1000 4000 66 £40.77

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  • Heathrow Scientific lead rings from Wolflabs

    Heathrow Scientific lead rings from Wolflabs

    Product update

    Heathrow Scientific HS lead rings from Wolflabs.

    Features and benefits
    - Use rings to stabilise glassware and plasticware on shakers or immersed in water baths.
    - Vinyl-coated lead rings will not mark or scratch bench tops or labware.
    - C-shape format allows some manual size variation for a customized fit.

    Product category Manufacturer Wolf Staff Date
    Lead Rings Heathrow Scientific David Suddaby 01-Aug-2016

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